San Ignacio Belize The Best Places To Go In May

San Ignacio Belize: The Best Places To Go In May 2020

Take advantage of the small crowds and amazing weather in May to visit Belize and explore the town of San Ignacio. This town is located in Western Belize in the Cayo District. It's full of reasonably-priced accommodations, good restaurants and plenty of transportation options. Some top attractions to see in San Ignacio include the following:…

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The Best Place For The Perfect Belize Honeymoon

Many couples are looking for a honeymoon destination that lets them blend romance and excitement with ecologically responsible tourism. If you also want beautiful weather, stunning scenery and affordable pricing, head to San Ignacio Town in western Belize. San Ignacio is a small but bustling town that is known as the eco-tourism capital of Belize.…

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belize family vacation

The Family Trip to Belize That Can Change Your Child’s Life

  Nothing impacts a child’s life more than international travel and you don’t have to travel far to find the perfect family-friendly adventure. Blogger Katie Arnold offers amazing advice on raising kids. One of her most eloquent posts is “How to Turn a Vacation with Kids into an Adventure.” To put her theories into practice,…

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belize bird watching vacations

Why You Should Go Birding in Belize in 2020

Did you know that weather changes can turn birdwatching into what The Smithsonian Institution calls “Extreme birdwatching”? It’s true, writes "Smithsonian" magazine’s, Erin Blakemore! Birdwatchers are a fascinating species and if you happen to know one—or if that describes you—did you know that changing weather patterns, like El Niño, impact bird migration habits? When the…

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Caracol Maya Ruins: A Top Seven Wonder Of The World To Explore In 2020

Belize recently received some accolades from Соndé Nаѕt Тrаvеllеr. The British travel magazine declared Belize's Caracol Maya Ruins one of its Seven World Wonders of 2020. The magazine picks these sites because they inspire awe and are notable for their vistas, stargazing, and variety of wildlife. Caracol is surrounded by pristine jungles and dense with…

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belize excursions from san ignacio town

Where to Book Your 2020 Belize Tours?

  Around 705 million vacation days weren’t used by U.S. citizens, according to a U.S. Travel Association survey. If you’re one of these statistics because getting around abroad seems too daunting, grab your passport and make 2020 the year you see the world! The kids saw a National Geographic TV show filled with exotic wild…

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Belize Vacation For Couples

Top Reasons Why Couples Need A Belize Vacation

With life's hectic schedule, spending time together as a couple is what most people dream about. So when it comes to taking a vacation, choosing a destination that is romantic, relaxing and stimulating is a must. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other, why not consider visiting Belize? Belize is a…

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maya tomb discovered in belize

Unknown Maya King’s Tomb Discovered In San Ignacio Belize!

Archaeologists have somehow managed to keep secret the discovery of an ancient tomb uncovered in San Ignacio Town, but a curious journalist stumbled upon it and intends to reveal the secret immediately. Within the tomb, remains of a noble king were found in addition to treasures that reveal a lot about his life. Linguists have…

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