Indulge and invigorate your senses with one of our unique spa treatments. Our onsite spa therapists offer a variety of spa treatments in a soothing atmosphere. Massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures are just a few of the treatments we have available for you.

Swedish massage – Full body therapeutic massage, and assortment of massages designed to drive tension from muscles, ease stress and mental fatigue, restores a feeling of well being. $80US (1hr session)

Deep Muscle Therapy – This massage technique focus on using a very specific set of movements applied to all muscles and concentrating on all layers of the muscles restores the circulation with its healing properties. $90US (1hr session)

Aromatherapy – Restores lost energy, physical and mental balance to promote a tranquil atmosphere of rejuvenation. $90US (1hr session)

Facials – A proven recipe of plants and minerals combine with expert soothing application, nourishes, stimulates and revitalizes skin. $40 (30min sessions)

Facial Mask – Face scrub, using sugar/honey or salt & lemon and egg white $40US (30min sessions)

Manicure – $40US (30min sessions)

Pedicure – $40US (1hr sessions)


* Spa price is not inclusive of 12.5% general sales tax.