Where to Eat, Sleep and Play in San Ignacio Belize

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where to stay in san ignacio belize

Have you been waiting patiently for “life as you know it” to return to some semblance of normalcy? You’re not alone. And like the wish lists of others, a vacation is likely to be somewhere near the top of your list, as well. Where will you find a place that neither costs a fortune nor forces you to endure a lengthy plane ride? Belize, of course. It’s the go-to destination for folks desperate to escape the ordinary, eat, sleep and play non-stop after suffering through a year most would just as soon forget!

But where in Belize?

No Belize destination matches San Ignacio. This charming town is found at the intersection of excitement and tranquility and it's fast becoming a favorite of inveterate tourists who appreciate the fact that eco-tourism is a priority, so they don’t have to leave their commitment to Mother Earth behind when vacationing.

You’ll need a place to rest your head, a table at which to tuck in your lobster bib, and an itinerary that is ideally suited to your vacation needs. There’s just one property in San Ignacio Town that meets these criteria: Cahal Pech Village Resort, where nature meets elegance and everything you require is at your fingertips.

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The Cahal Pech Village Resort mystique

Do you worry that no single place can meet all of the criteria you've set for a vacation during which you can have your fill of eating, sleeping, and playing? You’ll change your tune as soon as you glimpse the property’s wealth of amenities, proximity to attractions, fabulous cuisine, and accommodations, but perhaps you’re skeptical. Allow us to introduce you to the resort you would design if given the chance!

Cahal Pech accommodations suit travel parties of all sizes, from solo travelers to families. Choose from 8 lodgings that range from cozy rooms to charming suites and cabanas. Each lodging has been designed to evoke an authentic tropical vibe. Interiors are filled with locally crafted furnishings, original art, and textiles featuring Maya patterns and views that are spectacular. Peek at all of them here. Which calls to you?

Dining at Cahal Pech is sublime. The Cooling Rack considered one of San Ignacio’s most outstanding dining venues, showcases diverse cooking styles that reflect the nation's cultural mix. Ever-changing menu items are made with just-harvested produce and freshly-caught seafood and guests enjoy a fully-stocked bar and breathtaking views of the Belize River Valley below. You'll find this Belize dining venue to be surprisingly affordable.

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Unforgettable Belize tours. Your quest to get your fill of eating, sleeping, and playing in San Ignacio will be complete once you glimpse the vast number of tours Cahal Pech hosts. Seeing is believing, and you would be hard-pressed to cite another Belize resort with this many tour options. Whether you have an appetite for adventure or your singular goal is kicking back, Cahal Pech’s tour menu has something for everyone.

Eat. Sleep. Play. They’re vacation goals to which every traveler aspires, yet not every resort offers as much bounty as does Cahal Pech Village Resort. Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can eat, sleep and play at one of the most highly recommended resorts in San Ignacio where Belize vacation packages give you one more reason to choose this paradise over other resorts!

Questions about visiting Belize? Send us an email. We will love to help you plan your Belize vacation.

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