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A small nation in Central America, Belize is blessed with a large bounty of pristine wildlife reserves, beautifully eco-diverse coral reefs, and mysterious ancient Maya ruins. A true paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors, Belize gives visitors a chance to swim with marine life on the reefs, hike through national parks and reserves to see animals like jaguars and pumas, and climb to the top of ancient Maya city states that once dominated this region for more than 2,000 years.

Belize is perhaps most famously known for its long 240-mile (386 km) coastline on the Caribbean Sea and hundreds of offshore islands. Known as the Belize Barrier Reef, the rare double barrier reef east of Belize’s coast is the second largest reef of its kind in the entire world. Known locally as “cayes” (pronounced “keys”), the islands of Belize are popular with visitors for the wealth of snorkeling and diving opportunities that abound in their waters.

One of the most popular destinations of the Belize Barrier Reef is the large Hol Chan Marine Reserve, home to enormous schools of nurse sharks and stingrays. Visitors can also experience windsurfing and kitesurfing in the waters offshore of Caye Caulker. One of the natural wonders of the world is the Blue Hole, popular with divers for its rich vista of underground caverns to explore.

Thanks to a strong conservation effort by the Belizean government, the mainland is home to several large nature preserves. Whether it’s the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary in the south or the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in the west, visitors have hundreds of miles of trails to hike through gorgeous tropical forests, jungles, and wetland, an ideal opportunity to spot the hundreds of species of birds that call Belize home.

A peaceful and stable democracy, Belize is the only nation in the area where English is the official language. Drawing budget travelers and individuals seeking a luxuriously exotic getaway, the natural beauty and welcoming weather make Belize one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.


Belize Facts

Belize Language

The major languages spoken in Belize include English, Kriol, Garifuna and Spanish.

Belize Currency

The official currency is the Belize Dollar, but USD is widely accepted.


Belize shares the same 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity as the US.


All U.S. citizens must have a valid passport when traveling to and from Belize.

Drinking Water

Drink only bottled or boiled water. For your health, please avoid drinking tap water, fountain drinks and ice cubes.

Belize Time Zone

Central Standard Time (UTC/GMT -5 hours)

High Season

The peak travel season in Belize extends from mid-December through mid-April. See also: Best Time To Visit Belize


Belize Weather

High* Low* Precip.*
January 80°F 71°F 4.5 in.
February 80°F 70°F 2.6 in.
March 83°F 72°F 1.9 in.
April 85°F 74°F 1.7 in.
May 87°F 79°F 4 in.
June 87°F 79°F 8.6 in.
July 86°F 79°F 8.1 in.
August 86°F 78°F 7 in.
September 86°F 77°F 9.5 in.
October 84°F 75°F 10 in.
November 82°F 73°F 7 in.
December 80°F 71°F 6.7 in.

*Historical averages.


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