Ultimate Guide To San Ignacio Town: What To Eat, Drink, See, And Do

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ultimate guide to san ignacio belize

Must you spend the entirety of your Belize vacation in San Ignacio Town? Not necessarily – but according to tourists who planned a few days’ stopover at this Cayo District destination, they found so much to see, do and experience, they had no desire to go elsewhere. Come visit. You’ll feel the same way!

4 things you must see in San Ignacio Town

things to see and do in san ignacio belize
1. They’re not cuddly, but if you’ve always wanted to see iguanas up close, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel has been the epicenter of Belize conservation efforts to save these endangered reptiles since 1996. You can adopt an iguana to help raise funds that sustain this project and underwrite scholarships for local kids.

2. Explore the San Ignacio market. This is more than a place to find bananas and pineapples. It’s an expansive market filled with stalls featuring handicrafts, souvenirs and lots of little stands preparing tasty foods cooked to order.

3. Stroll down Burns Avenue, San Ignacio Town’s main drag. Once a sleepy street that hosted only Mr. Martin Galvez’s Bulls Eye Candy Shop, this busy street is filled with delights. From gift shops to cafes, tour companies and even a dental office, if you need it during your stay, find it on Burns Avenue.

4. Cahal Pech Maya Ruins take visitors back in time to a magical world. Built around 1000 BC, this ruin is a prime example of Maya engineering, artistry and ingenuity. The focal point is a towering pyramid beneath which society leaders were buried, but all aspects of this well-preserved site and onsite museum are fascinating.

Fall in love with Belize cuisine

what to eat in san ignacio belize

Belize is fast becoming a destination for foodies eager to explore foods and beverages that reflect a nation's distinct culinary roots. Must-sample dishes include rice and beans, johnny cakes, panades, salbutes, garnaches and tamales. Some of these dishes have Spanish roots while others are steeped in Caribbean flavors.

Belize’s beverage scene is equally unique. Refreshing natural juices include favorites like watermelon, orange, cantaloupe and lime, but for guests who like their rum flavorful and their beer ice cold, sampling Belikin beer, Hobbs beer, Caribbean Rum and One Barrel Rum are required sipping!

Where to stay in San Ignacio Town?

Stay at the only property located adjacent to the Cahal Pech Maya ruins described above: Cahal Pech Village Resort. Savvy travelers love everything about this property and for those who book a Belize vacation package, every detail is taken care of, from elegant lodgings perched on a rise overlooking the Belize River Valley below to meals, amenities and tours.

Three onsite freshwater pools and tropical gardens turn this resort into a haven of rest and relaxation that allows you to design your stay to suit your vacation style. The al fresco Cooling Rack Restaurant is an epicenter of international cuisine and libations rival the best stocked bars in the world.

Both the resort and the restaurant follow cleanliness and hygiene standards that earned Cahal Pech a Gold Standard certification for meeting international requirements associated with pandemic precautions, so you couldn’t be safer. Take advantage of special rates to save money and extend your stay so you don’t miss a thing!

Questions about traveling to Belize? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your Belize vacation.

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