Where To Visit In Belize?

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Where To Visit In Belize

If you've been itching to get out of the house and enjoy a change of scenery, you wouldn't be alone. Positioned directly on the Caribbean Sea, Belize has been one of the best-kept vacation secrets for decades. It's not that travelers are completely unaware of Belize's beaches and islands, but the true depth of experiences this small country has to offer is what's really worth getting excited about. If you're visiting Belize, there are a few top choices for location. Here's how they rank.

Ambergris Caye

You'd be hard-pressed to pick a better location than Ambergris Caye. With a length of 25 miles, it's the largest island off the coast of Belize. And despite sitting less than a mile from the Belize Barrier Reef, it's only a short ride from the shore. This is a beautiful island with plenty of gorgeous resorts — but if there's one disadvantage to visiting Ambergris Caye, it's that the island is a bit too well known. It can become frenetic during peak tourist season.

Ambergris Caye

Caye Caulker

If you want something a little more relaxed, Caye Caulker provides a promising opportunity. Smaller than Ambergris Caye but also less overwhelmed with tourists, Caye Caulker offers a full range of luxury options while providing all the beauty and natural adventure you could hope to find on the Caribbean Sea. Things move slower here, but that's kind of the point.

Caye Caulker


"Things move slower" is also exactly the vibe you can expect to find in Placencia. As a peninsula that's only a half mile wide despite being 16 miles long, it has all the advantages of an island getaway without forcing you to take a ferry. Placencia is also rich in personality thanks to the presence of three separate villages and a large population of the local Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people. The peninsula itself can be navigated by a golf cart, while the interior and the sea are both within reach.


San Ignacio Town

Luxury beach property is easy to find in Belize, but the interior deserves just as much praise. The Cayo District is still largely comprised of rich and untouched wilderness that's sprinkled with still-imposing ruins from the Maya Empire. San Ignacio Town serves as the perfect gateway to adventure, and one that helps you enjoy everything that the country has to offer. If you're ready to book your trip, be sure to check out Cahal Pech Village Resort. We can help you plan the perfect Belize vacation that finds the perfect ratio of beach and jungle.

San Ignacio Town

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