Scientists Say: Take A Belize Vacation ASAP for These 8 Reasons!

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Reasons To Take A Belize Vacation ASAP, According To Science

Do you think a vacation matter? Scientists agree that every vacation is a good one, but some destinations are better than others. Myriad studies have been conducted by researchers eager to know the impact of a vacation on the performance of workers and findings are likely to surprise and delight you.

1. The more vacations you take, the happier you’ll be. A study of 1500 Dutch research participants agreed that the more time people took off to get away from daily stressors, the happier they were – especially if the destination isn’t far. Point made? Belize is warm, sunny and just a few hours away.

Reasons To Take A Belize Vacation ASAP
2. Vacations spent in diverse cultures are life-affirming, intriguing and multicultural experiences “help foster creativity” so vacationers generate more ideas, say scientists at the US National Library of Medicine. Belize is a microcosm of diversity, exposing visitors to a wider range of societies and cultures neighboring nations.

3. Up-tight people have no clue that they need a break, say researchers. Savvy employers know that long vacations aren’t necessarily the best. Shorter vacations surpass extended-stay holidays, say Florida State University researchers, especially for people who are able to schedule their getaways throughout the year. Further, English is Belize’s first language so no language apps necessary to start relaxing.

4. Vacations in Belize offer fabulous opportunities to daydream which has been proven to hone the brain so it solves problems better and more creatively. Brains need breaks in this day and age of information overload where electronics and other demands keep minds moving at the speed of cars on Germany’s Autobahn.

Reasons To Take A Belize Vacation
5. Come to Belize to earn a living. Covid has proven that it’s not just possible but likely that you’ll do a better, more thorough and more creative job than you did when operating under the pressure of commutes, office politics and other impediments. Many resorts recognize this and are promoting workations that double down on the amount of relaxation workers experience.

6. Choose the right resort and you’ll sleep better, letting your brain heal so you function on a much higher level. Cahal Pech Village Resort offers an abundance of mind-calming advantages that include palm thatched accommodations, proximity to San Ignacio and everything necessary to balance work with recreation. Book a Belize vacation package that includes everything from gourmet meals to tours and you won’t need a scientist to tell you that you’ve made a great decision.

7. Follow scientific researchers at the Harvard Business School that prove that taking many short vacations is better for your health and wellbeing than one long getaway annually. Since Belize is so close, you could hop a plane and take multiple long weekends to stay mentally and emotionally fit.

Take A Belize Vacation
8. Adopt the remote working lifestyle The Wall Street Journal suggests to get paid for doing what you already do, only in a more restful and calming environment. The accounting firm Ernst and Young has proven that for each additional 10 hours that an employee took for vacation, his or her performance review was 8 percent higher the next year. Wow. A salary. Extra time off. Sun and surf everywhere you turn. Who needs scientists to tell you that saying no to a Belize vacation right now is just crazy?

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