Belize Vacations – Weather, Places to Visit, Things to Do

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What are the ingredients for an unforgettable summer vacation? Going to the beach? Some swimming, perhaps also some snorkeling and some scuba diving? Eating great food? Getting outdoors and enjoying nature? Well, the good news is that Belize has all this and more.

Belize enjoys a climate very similar to that in Miami, which means that you're always guaranteed to get perfect summer weather. Belize is located on the mainland of Central America, but it also has hundreds of offshore islands. It's the perfect choice for hitting the beach, eating fresh-caught seafood, and activities like windsurfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing.

Belize also has plenty to do on the mainland. Covered in pristine rainforests and lush jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, Belize is the perfect place to unplug and get away from all the stresses of modern life. You can canoe down a jungle river, spot hundreds of bird species in a rainforest, investigate the inky depths of a sacred cave, swim at the base of a waterfall, float down an underground river, or fly through the air along a zip line.

If that weren't enough, Belize is also home to mysterious ruins built thousands of years ago by the Ancient Maya. An advanced culture that invented its own form of writing, the Maya constructed colossal pyramids, intricately carved temples, and massive palaces that still survive today.

Belize is a colorful, multi-cultural country where English is the official language. The people of Belize come from different backgrounds, but they are universally regarded as some of the friendliest people on Earth. The food in Belize may be simple, but it's also incredibly tasty. Whether it's organic fruits, locally produced chocolate, or spicy Caribbean chicken, no traveler ever goes around hungry in Belize.

The best place to see all the sights in Belize is Cahal Pech Village Resort. With lovely, thatched cabanas, and a restaurant that's popular with travelers and locals alike, Cahal Pech Village Resort is the perfect place to stay on your Belize summer vacation.

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