12 Great Reasons to Get Married in Belize

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Getting Married in Belize at Cahal Pech Village Resort

We could come up with more, but if you’re trying to decide whether or not to marry in Belize, the following 12 reasons make a great start. Why Belize? Because destinations like Cahal Pech Resort offer the perfect combination of resources to make your special day perfection, and you won’t have to pawn the family treasures to throw that dream wedding, either!

1. Your wedding photos will equal those taken by professional photographers for high-end magazine spreads. It’s impossible to take a bad photo in this picturesque nation. Striking views of the Macal and Belize River Valleys make especially gorgeous backdrops at Cahal Pech.

2. Avoid having to invite everyone you’ve ever met with a destination wedding. That long list of obligatory invites is history and nobody gets mad because the distance is a perfect excuse for folks to take a pass and just send a gift.

3. Save lots of bucks. Even if you factor in airfare and accommodations at a lovely resort like Cahal Pech, you won’t come close to reaching the huge tab you’ll incur if you stay home and invite the world.

4. Your wedding will be unique, so you get bragging rights. Hold your ceremony atop an ancient Mayan ruin situated beneath Cahal Pech or take your small party on a 20-minute drive to Xunantunich Maya ruins for a truly original ceremony.

5. Count on Cahal staff to make good on your fantasies. Couples receive free planning help with everything from a custom-designed reception to intimate vow exchanges on the beach or within lush gardens.

6. Transport needs? No worries. That Xunantunich Maya ruin ceremony could be problematic elsewhere, but Cahal Pech’s onsite shuttles are at your disposal. Marry at the resort and hold the reception anywhere in Belize you please!

7. Wear what you like. The fashion police never visit Belize. They know they’re not welcome. Couples choose Belize to avoid silly fashion rules and regulations. Shorts? You bet. Have your guests dress similarly so nobody needs more than a carry-on bag to attend.

8. Invite only the guests you want by sharing this secret with a select few: airfares from southern U.S. hubs are affordable and Belize is just hours away. If friends and relatives look tipsy at the wedding, that’s the champagne, not jet lag.

9. You need it? Cahal Pech has it! Our swimming pool, gourmet restaurant, conference center, comfortable accommodations and amenities cover all bases and you can even book a group of rooms for your affair that are beautiful and affordable.

10. Don’t move a muscle to morph from newlywed into honeymooner. Extend your wedding stay into the kind of honeymoon you crave by booking adventure tours through the Cahal Pech staff or just veg out on premises.

11. You don’t have to go into debt to have a Belize wedding! Despite the lush, tropical environment, affordability is a primary reason couples choose Cahal Pech wedding packages over others.

12. You deserve the wedding of your dreams—not someone else’s version! Customize and personalize your wedding down to the smallest detail at such reasonable prices, you can afford the extras. Want to find out how? Just ask.

Interested in getting married in Belize? Book your Belize wedding vacation today by contacting us below:

Email: info@cahalpech.com
Belize Tel #: 501 824 3740
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