12 Reasons to Honeymoon in Belize

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1. Belize is a honeymooner’s paradise. Everyone speaks English, you can spend U.S. dollars and even road signs are welcoming and helpful. Honeymoon here and you’ll tell friends that Belize tourism officials bend over backwards to make couples feel at home.

2. Belize citizenry is welcoming. Ever had “that bad travel experience” where you were treated with disdain because you asked a question? Belizeans embrace even rude tourists! Whether a honeymoon couple needs directions, advice or just a welcoming grin, they’ll find it in Belize.

3. Belize isn’t a scary place to visit. Relax and settle into marital bliss knowing that there are neighborhoods back home that are more frightening than those in Belize. Even street vendors won’t intimidate you.

4. Belize is easily navigated. Honeymooners returning home looking weary because they spent more time on tour buses than at destinations won’t encounter that issue in Belize. Some cayes are so small, you can stroll their entire expanse in minutes.

5. Belize's history is romantic. When you visit Mayan ruins you can also learn about marine wildlife or go scuba diving as part of a honeymoon package at elegant resorts like Cahal Pech Village Resort. Some couples come for the intimacy and stay for the zip lining and repelling paired with historical tours!

6. Belize is near North America. It's so close to major metro areas in the U.S., you might not have to re-set your watches. Recently-added direct flights on major airlines attest to this proximity: what airliner adds new routes if flyers didn’t demand them?

7. Belize is gorgeous. Honeymooners return from Belize and can’t stop talking about tropical splendor that surrounded them everywhere they went. Of course, friends already knew that when glimpsing picture-perfect backgrounds on the selfies they sent home during the honeymoon.

8. Belize’s commitment to the environment is inspiring. Green efforts made by Belizeans exceed those of most nations, which is why Leonardo DiCaprio is building his eco-resort here. Even humorous signs dotting the Belize landscape remind citizens of their obligation to sustainable living.

9. Belize is affordable. If you’ve already spent more on your wedding than your budget allowed, you’ll appreciate how far your honeymoon dollars stretch in Belize. Visit during the green season when crowds leave and rates drop to double your honeymoon pleasure.

10. Belize is diverse—a United Nations-worthy country where all races and ethnicities live together in relative harmony. What better place to witness this sort marriage of cultures than on your honeymoon?

11. Belize is a foodie paradise. Love to eat? Set your sites on Belize where everything from the national version of beans and rice (cooked in coconut milk) to ethnic international specialties are represented. Honeymooners have been known to come here just for the lobster and even the water is potable.

12. Belize allows honeymooners to be honeymooners. This nation is all about down time and tranquility, which is why today’s honeymooners appreciate Belize for its relaxed, uncrowded vibe. Take advantage of a honeymoon package like the one offered by Cahal Pech and you won’t ever want to go home.

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