Celebrate the 12-Ways of Christmas Here in Belize!

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A Multicultural Christmas Celebration in Belize

Christmas in Belize

Cahal Pech is a perfect resort in Belize to spend a Christmas vacation

Your teen hates the sweater you chose. Little ones break their toys by sundown. Your spouse bursts into tears after a frenzy of shopping, wrapping, cooking and company. Even the dog gets sick.

Now, imagine holiday family portraits taken on top of an ancient Maya City in Belize by a staffer assigned the job of pampering everyone and making this the most memorable Yuletide ever at Cahal Pech Village Resort. Better? We thought so.

“I watch people transform from grim-faced travelers to tranquil, laid-back vacationers in 24 hours,” says Lloyd Alvarez, Cahal Pech’s reservations manager. “It’s something of a Christmas miracle,” he adds, his eyes twinkling like Santa’s. Adding icing to your holiday fruitcake, here are a dozen reasons to come for Christmas!

1. Kids don’t get into fights when they’re frolicking in Belize. They actually stop texting, phoning and e-mailing because they’re having too much fun disconnected.

2. Open a package before you leave—a Belize travel package. All-inclusive trips to Belize resorts like Cahal Pech take the calculator out of the equation because you’ve already pre-paid most expenses.

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3. Forget cooking for the minions on Christmas. Instead, minions cook for you—both at Cahal Pech’s cozy eatery and at local restaurants decorated for the holidays.

4. Give yourself the gift of a tan, a massage and a zipline experience! Is it wrong to give yourself gifts? Of course not. This is your holiday, too.

5. Silent Night, Holy Night is a nice turn of phrase, but it’s more likely your Christmas Eve night is typically a frenzy of activity. Do yourself a favour: Come to Belize instead.

6. Someone else tidies up. On Christmas day, fun is palpable. So is the mess. Even if you litter your Cahal Pech rooms with gift wrap, you won’t lift a finger to return your comfortable accommodations to a pristine state.

7. On the topic of gift-giving: Look for airfare specials on direct flights from the U.S. and Canada via consolidators taking advantage of a bounty of new Belize routes.

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8. Give kids gifts of snorkeling the Belize Great Barrier Reef or tubing into mysterious caves. They’ve already got bikes. How many more superhero videos do they need?

9. It’s around 75-degrees in December. Enough said if you live in the northern U.S. or Canada?

10. Forget the turkey and ham. Lobsters make better Christmas dinners in Belize and you don’t have to liquidate kids’ college funds to treat everyone to as much as they can eat.

11. Discover the true meaning of Christmas. Attend services at any one of the churches in Belize—all faiths are represented here, so you’ll find like-minded people in pews across the nation.

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12. Treasure each other’s company. With no hustle and bustle to mar your holiday, you’ll have meaningful conversations with the people you love most as you share adventures, play in the pool, splash in the surf and think about the reason for the season under Belize stars.

One warning: Christmas in Belize has been known to become a family tradition, so prepare for Belize holiday requests in the years ahead. Now, imagine what it will be like to do all of your holiday shopping with a single phone call to our reservations staff!

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