Belize Shuttles and Transfers

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belize shuttles and transfers

Book your Belize shuttles and transfers with Cahal Pech Village Resort. We offer the most reliable and affordable shuttle and tour service in Belize.

Is anything more frustrating than arriving on foreign soil, holding reservations at an accommodation that may be five minutes or five miles away, yet you haven’t a clue which shuttle has been assigned to claim you and your luggage?

That won’t happen if you book transportation through Cahal Pech Village Resort Shuttles and Transportation Services because we know that first impressions matter and we want yours to be perfect. For those reasons---and more--staying at our San Ignacio resort won’t ever cause you feel as though you are stranded during your stay. Our shuttles are safe, comfortable, on time and you might be surprised to learn that our transport system does more than just make airport runs.

Where do you want to go when you headquarter in San Ignacio during your Belize business trip or vacation at Cahal Pech? We take our guests anywhere they wish to go within the Belize border or as far as Mexico and Guatemala to enjoy sightseeing in close proximity to your lodgings.

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Personnel overseeing Cahal Pech Village Resort Shuttle and Transport Services pride themselves on hiring only experienced drivers eager to get Cahal Pech guests where they want to go efficiently, safely and politely.

Here are just a few reasons you should count on us for your transport needs:

-Our drivers are carefully trained, licensed and insured so you never have to worry about having a daredevil at the wheel who is more concerned with challenging the speed limit than keeping passengers calm and relaxed.

-We know where we’re going. We don’t take shortcuts to save time because we’ve already built enough time into your journey to get you there and return you to Cahal Pech when we say we will.

-We speak the language. English is our first language, but many of our shuttle drivers converse in Spanish so if you’re crossing into Spanish-speaking nations, you’re not going to run into a hassle at a border because there are language and translation issues afoot.

-Our staff is trained in passenger courtesy. Tourists can be vulnerable—especially those who rarely travel, are elderly or timid about venturing to unfamiliar places. You need reassurances, so we invite you to ask your driver any question that's on your mind—including whether or not they can change a tire or diagnose a ping or rattle!

-Our regularly-scheduled shuttles heading for airports, tours and trips always depart on time and we offer plenty of departure times for these destinations that will suit your time frame.

We offer both individual and group rates, so if you’re traveling in a group, save even more money, but whether you’re the only passenger on run that's making a plane departure or you're in a group, you’ll travel with time to spare. Whether you need pickups from water taxi services or you wish to book a junket to a wide variety of locations in Central America, the Cahal Pech shuttle will get you there and back in style.

Travel to Belize with the best. Contact us below to book your Belize shuttles and transfers:

Email: [email protected]
Belize Tel #: 501 824 3740
Belize Fax #:501 824 2225
US Tel #: 239 494 3281


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