Why You Should Go Birding in Belize in 2021

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Did you know that weather changes can turn birdwatching into what The Smithsonian Institution calls “Extreme birdwatching”? It’s true, writes "Smithsonian" magazine’s, Erin Blakemore!

Birdwatchers are a fascinating species and if you happen to know one—or if that describes you—did you know that changing weather patterns, like El Niño, impact bird migration habits? When the Pacific Ocean warms up, birds migrate to different places to find food, and since Belize is already a safe haven for many species, their number tends to increase as a direct result of weather pattern deviations.

If you don’t live near the Pacific, you could stick around your home in hopes of spotting the 763 bird species that live in the U.S. and Canada, say Cornell Lab of Ornithology scientists Andrew Farnsworth, Marshall Iliff, and Brian Sullivan. But why scour 19,818,187 square miles when you can come to Belize, a nation that’s just 8,867 square miles in size, where as many as 587 species hang out?

What will you see on a 2021 Belize birding adventure?


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Expect to be amazed say scientists with Belize’s Audubon Society. Why wouldn’t birds want to make Belize their stop over? The nation is home to six specific Important Birding Areas (IBAs), portions of which are protected and co-managed by the Audubon Society. The best months to birdwatch in Belize are between December and April during the dry season, but the birds don’t have a clue that one season is better than another, so any month in 2021 makes an ideal time to visit.

Belize offers the ideal mix of environments: coastal plains, cayes, tropical forests, savannas and wetlands, so purists can target the habitat most likely to result in spotting specific species. Given protections offered by the government--including marine reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and forest reserves--birds know that this nation is committed to making sure a variety of species can breed and flourish in this Central American nation.

Plan to stay awhile


Birdwatchers love Belize for more than just birding experiences. Everyone speaks English, the exchange rate is terrific at $1USD to $2BZD and resorts like Cahal Pech, the largest property in the Cayo District, welcome birders with open arms year-round. Cahal Pech’s bird watching tour is an especially popular activity for tourists.

Take the tour and you will travel to the El Pilar Archaeological Site where ancient Maya peoples once lived. Bring your journal to record toucans, Honeycreepers, Collared Manakins, flycatchers, Mot-Mots and colorful parrots during prime birdwatching times: early mornings and late evenings. This tour not only takes you to the primal forest, but your knowledgeable tour guide gets you to and from the resort safely, brings food along for the journey and you will love the scenery as you travel to and from the site.

Our staff at Cahal Pech Village Resort are happy to give you more information about the resort, Cayo and the birds and if you browse the resort’s packages, you’ll see how our Belize all inclusive adventures can make your budget as happy as your eyes will be the moment you spot your first exotic bird during your 2021 visit!

Questions about birding in Belize? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your Belize birdwatching vacation.


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