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Fitness: Easy | Kid Friendly: Yes

  • Departure: 7:00 am
  • Return: 10:00 am
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Distance: 5 mls

This tour offers a visit to El Pilar, a Maya flora and fauna reserve that is an excellent place to view Belize’s tropical birds. You’ll enjoy hiking on three spectacular nature trails in Belize’s lush tropical forests. By overlooking canopies from the summit, you’ll be able to see the birds in their natural habitat. Not only is the view magnificent, but watching and listening to the bird calls is an unforgettable experience. Where else can you see toucans, Honeycreepers, Collared Manakins, an array of flycatchers, Mot-Mots, and numerous parrots except in Belize? Early mornings and late evenings are the perfect time to glimpse these wonderful specimens.

This tour provides visitors a glimpse of what the agro-forestry of the ancient Maya must have been like.

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