Yes, You Can Afford to Vacation in Belize This Summer or Fall

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Vacation in Belize This Summer or Fall

You’re aching for a vacation, but your bank balance reads: “Maybe next year.” Did you know that you can afford a holiday that’s exotic and close? Make this the season you discover Belize!

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know that seasonal rates can mean the difference between a nice vacation and a lavish one. And you have probably noticed that as fall arrives, airline flights, hotels and tours turn from affordable to not-so-much—-which is exactly why considering Belize for your upcoming holiday makes so much sense.

The quality of the vacation you enjoy if you come during either season is appreciable—-particularly if you choose Cahal Pech Village Resort as your landing spot. Located amid an ancient Maya homeland, Cahal Pech is situated in close proximity to the area’s biggest attractions, everyone in Belize speaks English and airline flights are frequent and short if you depart from the U.S.

Here’s the best news: Travelers seeking deals can save a fortune while receiving exactly the same white glove treatment and services one receives during high season when crowds are huge and wait lists for snorkeling, diving, ziplining and sailing down river into caves are long. Weather is inviting and even cooling showers won’t dampen your enthusiasm.

belize for summer or fall
Show you the money

Your interest is piqued. Those tours and activities sound awesome. You’re even willing to put up with a shower or two since it’s a small price to pay for this much enjoyment. So exactly what will it cost you to enjoy all of this largesse if you book a summer or fall sojourn right now? Prepare to be thrilled and keep reading!

You love saving money. Cahal Pech Resort invites you to book now and receive a 15-percent discount on stays between May 15th to December 15th, 2021 2021, so if you love spontaneity, you can snag a reservation now by going to the Cahal Pech website and applying this code: SAVE15. You could find yourself strolling around the adjacent Cahal Pech Maya ruins in just a matter of days.

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Need an enticement? Watch this short video:

If you can resist all of that beauty and fun in concert with these amazing money-saving rates, feel free to keep complaining about your need for a vacation. Just don't expect many people to commiserate. They'll all be packing for Belize!

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