Just for Day Trippers: Tikal, Guatemala, Where the Past Comes Alive

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Taking A Tikal Guatemala Day Trip From San Ignacio Belize

Who came up with the idea of day trips, anyway? They’re awesome opportunities for people short on time and long on curiosity to see as much of a nation like Belize as possible--and you don’t have to pack for the journey.

If you love the idea of seeing as much of Central America as possible during your Belize vacation—but you’ve no desire to every one of the nation's 900 Maya heritage sites--Here's your solution: Stay at Cahal Pech Village Resort and use the resort’s licensed, onsite tour service to book day trips to famous ruins like Tikal, Guatemala.

Cahal Pech provides everything you desire

Return visitors to Cahal Pech know that they couldn’t choose a better lodging because the property offers everything a traveler craves: Gorgeous landscape, amazing lodgings, an onsite restaurant serving delicious meals and proximity to all of the top tier sites and entertainments a visitor could want.

How to see it all during your stay? Use the services of Cahal Pech Tours, a licensed provider, so you won’t have to leave the premises to reserve day trips. Your host can make suggestions, but the location you are bound to find most fascinating is the one that takes you across the border to Guatemala where the world-famous Tikal Maya ruins thrill day trippers. Say the word and you can be one of them.

About Tikal

Travel writers use words like spectacular, breathtaking and majestic when they describe Tikal, a magical city that was once an epicenter of Maya culture and perhaps the most famous example of pre-Columbian architecture on the planet. Book this day trip with Cahal Pech Tours, and every detail will be handled, from entrance fees to fresh fruits, snacks, water and lunch your guide brings along for the trip.

This UNESCO World Heritage site was once the prime ceremonial center and largest urban center of Maya society during the Middle Formative Period of 900 to 300 BC. Tikal remained a thriving metropolis into the Late Classic Period (600 to 900 AD), before the decline of the Maya populace. Filled with plazas, pyramids and palaces, Tikal was a center of advanced learning as evidenced by hieroglyphic writing and magnificent art found throughout the site that reminds visitors how enlightened this society once was.

You’ll need good shoes

Cahal Pech’s day trip to Tikal provides visitors with a healthy workout. While the main compound measures about one square mile, boundaries extend to around 6 square miles—every foot of which if filled with fascinating discoveries—including buildings under which are found burial chambers for royalty. It’s wise to read up on this amazing tourist site before you come so you will doubly appreciate everything you see.

By day’s end, return to Cahal Pech and your lofty digs overlooking a spectacular valley below to share your adventure with other guests staying at this affordable Belize resort. Book a spa session. Indulge your inner gourmand. Your day is bound to be exceptional--particularly since you didn't have to lift a finger to do the planning!

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