San Ignacio, Belize’s Favorite Restaurant Has A Table Waiting for You!

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San Ignacio Belize Restaurants

The Ix’tabai Restaurant at Cahal Pech Village Resort is no ordinary eatery, thus eating is believing at this hilltop hideaway.

Canadians Dave and Deb left thriving careers in the film industry to travel the world. They admit to being motivated by food and they’re not the only people who ask for menus before they check out resort suites and amenities! Travel blogger Laura Lynch shares the couple’s passion and for reasons that make lots of sense.

According to Lynch, traveling while focusing on food awakens the senses, ingredients can take you back to the trips you’ve taken in the past and Lynch concludes that food is so powerful, it can shape a journey and define memories. Close your eyes. Where does your mind go when the scent of cilantro tickles your senses?

Inveterate travelers visiting San Ignacio Town in Belize understand how important food can be while on holiday and many agree that there’s only one place to go for the best in fine dining: Cahal Pech Village Resort. Put the resort’s Ix’tabai Restaurant on your “must taste” list and the venue will remain in your memory long after you leave.

About the Ix’tabai Restaurant

You don’t have to get the pronunciation down on your first visit, but once you see this dining venue, perched atop a lofty hill overlooking the Belize River Valley and town, that won't matter. Ask for table along the periphery where the only view interrupters are colorful plants that invite you to relax and enjoy this open air experience.

For true Belizean cuisine with a twist, Ix’tabai has been known to turn picky eaters into gourmands eager to try everything on the menu. As one of the few restaurants in Belize employing Culinary Institute of America-trained chefs, Ix’tabai recipes are unique and flavorful, prepared with locally-grown, just-picked produce. The seafood is so fresh, you’ll notice the difference the moment you lift your fork.

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A venue that never disappoints

Even Belize restaurants serving food that melts in the mouth rarely survive without the extras that turn an ordinary restaurant into one that’s so popular, wait lists for tables on busy nights can require reservations. Await your name being called at the bar where mix masters turn out libations made of local ingredients guaranteed to make you say, “I had no idea a Planter’s Punch and Bahama Mama could taste this yummy!”

Plenty of diners extend their time at Ix’tabai by strolling the gardens of the resort or simply relaxing around the swimming pool with a drink before being shown to their tables. You might worry that all of this indulgence and excellence could tap out a credit card during a long evening at the restaurant, but you would be wrong—-yet another reason “townies” return to this venue and why you will find yourself coming back, too.

What will it be? An unforgettable meal under the stars or an early breakfast cooked to perfection by chefs who have no clue how to prepare food that doesn’t taste as though it were being made for a culinary competition?

Contact the Cahal Pech maître d’ before you arrive at 1-239-494-3281 and check to see what’s on that day’s list of menu selections. You can thank us for turning you on to this culinary paradise later!

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