Savvy Travel Professionals Count on Cahal Pech Village Resort to Treat Guests Like Royalty

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belize food and drinks restaurant in san ignacio belizeAre you obsessed with making sure your travel customers come home raving about the places you book? You bet your hotel room you are! After all, much depends upon your research into destinations that suit traveler’s needs and desires. Add another hot spot to your list: Cahal Pech Village Resort in Belize. Place it near the top. When you learn more about us, you’ll be as enthusiastic as frequent visitors are for the following reasons:

Cahal Pech is one of the largest resorts in Cayo, so if you book large parties, you can guarantee clients up to 59 rooms for off-site business meetings and gorgeous destination weddings. Turn Cahal Pech into your go-to destination for large gatherings and you may discover that rooms can mean better rates for your clients; especially during low season, when budget-minded meeting planners are hungry for affordable venues.

barton creek cave entrance
Cahal Pech is located so close to Belize’s most frequented attractions and tourist sites, your clients won’t have to undergo long, arduous travel to see them. Cahal Pech staff arranges tours for business junkets, wedding parties, reunions and other large groups to hot spots like Actun Tunichil Muknal, Tikal in Guatemala, Cahal Pech Maya Ruins, Xunantunich Maya Ruins, Barton Creek Cave, Mountain Pine Ridge, the Belize Zoo, Che Chem Ha Cave and a wide array of wildlife and adventure excursions.

Cahal Pech has something for everyone, so it matters not how large or small the group you book may be. Adventure travelers can expect all of the excitement they can cram into their allotted time in Belize, families won’t have to compromise their kids’ college funds to take everyone (including Granny) to Cahal Pech for a fun-filled holiday, and when it comes to honeymoons, couples swear they’ve arrived at Nirvana when they experience the royal treatment for which our staff is known.

Cahal Pech has every amenity clients seek: There are two swimming pools, so if one is brimming with families, another awaits for guests eager to decompress and relax. The resort offers travelers spectacular views of the Belize River Valley and San Ignacio Town, thus vacationers who like variety when they book a resort will find plenty from which to choose. Tasty, affordable, delicious meals are prepared by talented Cahal Pech chefs at the resort’s on-site restaurant. People come from other points in San Ignacio Town just to dine with us, thanks to our growing reputation.


Cahal Pech has its own fleet of tour vehicles, so you never have to worry about logistics when you book a large party of clients. Whether you require transfers from Cancun Mexico to Belize (or reverse) or you wish to keep a certain travel group together to visit popular attractions or undertake land-based, natural wonders tours, we have you covered. We also offer transfers to and from Flores Guatemala in case you’re able to find better airfare rates in and out of that country. Our 100-person conference room means clients can hold their business meetings steps from their accommodations. We’ll even cater meals if your clients book our meeting room.

Cahal Pech is on a mission to become the premier Belize destination by undertaking an unprecedented resort reinvention that is quickly turning us into a state-of-the-art resort. We’re undertaking this effort on behalf of our frequent guests, among which is a growing list of travel agents frequenting Cahal Pech. We know you have your eye on our progress, which is why we thank you for all of your input and enthusiasm. After all, you take vacations, too, and we are always thrilled to have travel professionals stay with us.

Cahal Pech prides itself on being one of the most affordable resorts in San Ignacio, so the money your clients save on the great airfare deals you get them and the super rates we offer go a long way to endearing you to your customers. Our tours and vacation packages are brimming with extras, a fact you will want to share with travelers. Take all of the credit when you explain our all-inclusive packages that are composed of rooms, meals, transfers, select tours, taxes and services. Remind your clients that packages mean they won’t have to bring lots of cash along to enjoy a complete island getaway because almost everything is taken care of.

Cahal Pech staff has been in the business of working with major Belizean resorts for decades. Our seasoned travel specialists are so adroit at booking and planning Belize trips in concert with travel agents from around the world, a few have called our staffers clairvoyant because we have a talent for anticipating just about every request you throw our way! Our simplified deposit and payment system is a favorite of tour and travel directors because it’s a one-stop process via our Cahal Pech Reservations Office. As an extra, every time you send customers our way and they return home grinning from ear to ear, your reputation grows by leaps and bounds!

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