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Belize Cave Tubing Tours

Belize Cave Tubing Tours and Excursion

Vacationing can be serious business. You tap out your funds. Wrangle suitcases. Juggle your business schedule. And maybe you wrangle a few kids through customs, too! Forget the arduous planning and journey fast by settling into a carefree Belize resort like Cahal Pech to unwind, grab a cocktail and then report to the concierge post haste to book everyone in your party on board a cave tubing adventure.

Want to know what you can expect? Thrills. Chills. And laughs you might not have experienced for a very long time as your complicated life has taken unique twists and turns. Put yourself into the hands of a guide arranged by Cahal Pech so he can lead you to the huge, inflated donut ready to plunder a cave that dates back to the Mayan civilization.

When last did you witness 150,000 years of natural history? Glittering coves covered with mysterious, fanciful shapes will grab your imagination—but it’s the laughs you enjoy as you travel that will shape your memories.

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If we’ve whetted your appetite, it’s time to go. Get all dressed up in your favourite swimwear because you’ll be traveling through water. Don’t swim? It’s not necessary, as long as you’re in the company of others who do and cave tubing guides know exactly where to lead you so you’re never in any danger.

Your guide will get you to the cave that’s been chosen just for your visit by van. Plan to slog through water on the half-hour hike that gets you to the mouth of the cave as you gaze at wildlife, vegetation and an impressive tree canopy that makes up the rainforest.

Expect to keep laughing as you board your rubber tube in preparation for your excursion. Once everyone’s ready to go, you’ll push off under the guidance of your tubing specialist. Does it feel like you’ve just settled into an amusement park ride? It might. Only you don’t have to worry about speed since your experience is taken at a steady pace as you and fellow adventurers sail into the cave.

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As you travel deep into the recesses, make sure all of your senses are attuned to the experience and pay attention to your guide; he will share some hair-raising tales of life within cave walls back in the day Mayans used these environs to worship, congregate and perhaps sacrifice a few members selected by the gods.

You’ll see vessels, skeletons and relics left behind by cave dwellers who simply vanished without warning, yet left behind a legacy of treasures that are available for viewing only by cave tubers eager for adventure.

Should you try this on your own? Why bother? By booking with your Cahal Pech host, you don’t have to lift a finger. On the other hand, if you want to rent a car, drive yourself through unfamiliar territory, wade into a cave alone and blow up your own tube, who are we to stop you?

Got your attention? Thought so. While images of skeletons, stalagmites and stalactites dance in your head, use this link to fire up your imagination even more: https://www.cahalpech.com/belize-tours/cave-tubing-tour-belize. This activity is a perfect choice for families because it’s safe, educational and enlightening.

One warning: tell your kids in advance to prepare to roll their eyes and disavow you as their parent once you evoke your inner kid. Go ahead. Embarrass them all by screaming, giggling and having a grand time of it. There’s a chance they may be thrilled to watch you let go and have a ball on this wild family adventure!

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