Caracol Maya Ruins: A Top Seven Wonder Of The World To Explore In 2020

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Belize recently received some accolades from Соndé Nаѕt Тrаvеllеr. The British travel magazine declared Belize's Caracol Maya Ruins one of its Seven World Wonders of 2020. The magazine picks these sites because they inspire awe and are notable for their vistas, stargazing, and variety of wildlife. Caracol is surrounded by pristine jungles and dense with Maya architecture. The site also made the list because it is relatively under-visited, visitors are few and far between.

About Caracol Maya Ruins

Caracol is the largest Maya city that has ever been excavated within Belize, laden with sublime temples that reward anyone willing to climb them with a breath-taking view of the Chiquibul Rainforest. Fans of archaeology may also appreciate that Caracol is an active site and while many cultural treasures of the Maya have already been revealed, much still remains unknown about the site. Once visitors have had their fill of Caracol's majesty, they can go for a swim at Big Rock Falls in the Mountain Pine Ridge.

While its original Mayan name has been lost, "Caracol," a Spanish term for "snail shell" comes from the large number of snail shells left behind by Maya. While a site to behold, Caracol is isolated from any inhabited spot within Belize. At its peek, Caracol was a 65 square miles city-state of over 120,000 people. Since its rediscovery in the 1920s, archaeologists have discovered the oldest carved stelae in Belize, some dating over 2,400 years, and the Sky Palace. Also known as "Canaa," this pyramid remains the tallest artificial structure within Belize. Caracol's center houses three massive plazas with a pair of ball courts, several small buildings, and an acropolis. Caracol's Visitor Center features photos, diagrams, and relics, including a ritual altar; found nearby.

Caracol was founded around 1,200 BCE but was at its largest between 600 and 900 AD. Since then, archaeologists have found ball court markers, altars and commemorative stelae, that all yield much about this site's history. Caracol had a massive army that it used to conquer places like Tikal, Naranjo and Ucanal.

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