Welcome To Cahal Pech Village Resort

Once upon a time—in a place where dreams are conceived, futures decided and plans made—a beautiful village was carved out of the land just 72 miles west of Belize City. Founders were eager to pay tribute to the area tucked into Cayo District hills and after all was said and done, the name Cahal Pech Village Resort was chosen above all others.

But settlers weren’t sure how to go about attracting visitors to this paradise once it was built, so they debated the subject mightily, until a traveler arrived unannounced, looked around, fell in love and from that time forward, every visitor reaching Cahal Pech Village Resort has fallen under the resort’s spell, as well.

Is this fairy tale true? Of course it is. How do you think Cahal Pech became such a popular destination for people from all walks of life and from nations around the world? And it’s time you too discover this utopian getaway, where the world stands still and so does time because at Cahal Pech, the outside world doesn’t exist.

Must you follow a yellow brick road to reach our gates? Not when so many airlines get you here faster! After a short flight from the U.S. or Canada, you’ll reach our lush corner of the earth overlooking the scenic Belize River Valley where you can do exactly what you like for as long as you like. Have a ball. Hide away. Pamper yourself. Rest.

Built next to a Mayan ruin that was home to kings, we take a page from that era by treating every guest like royalty. Survey your kingdom from afar to spot the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. Wave to your subjects from the window of your comfortable accommodations or check in and set off to visit this kingdom of riches.

Cahal Pech tour guides are happy to show you the Macal River, the quaint villages of Santa Familia and Bullet Tree Falls, ruins at Xunantunich and the verdant Maya Mountains. See more of these wonders to figure out which tours best fit your desires at Belize Tours & Activities.

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To the incredible people at Cahal Pech Resort. Thank you for awesome breakfast & dinners, friendly service, beautiful rooms (with awesome views), "good mornings" and putting up with 15 canadians. We had a fabulous time and appreciate you all!

The TDChristian Belize Service Team 2014

Thank you very much for all the wonderful experience at your resort. We had a fantastic vacation and appreciate the great customer service and excellent beverages!

Thomas & Ruby

Helpful staff and excellent food. I am recommending Cahal Pech Village to my friends who are coming to Belize.

Linda & Lai