5 Free Things To Do in Belize

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By Marina Kuperman
Central America Travel Expert

As you might already know, Belize is a tiny Central American country located right next to Guatemala. It is a cute, sunny place where the touristic industry hasn’t made a full invasion yet. This is a fun place where you can still walk along the streets of most towns and get that small town feeling that we all love. This also makes it easier for visitors to learn about the local culture.


For such a small country you won’t believe the wide variety of things to do and places to visit, it isn’t expensive to do many activities but saving is always a cool thing.

5 Free Things To Do While Traveling in Belize:

1. Beaches - tons to choose from -Belize is on the Caribbean Sea and has tons of white sanded beaches, 386 kilometers of them to be exact, most are bordered by jungle or cute fishing or beach villages filled with friendly people.

Its coast is also surrounded by over two hundred small islands (which locals call cayes) that also offer gorgeous beaches and shallow, crystal clear water. Some have even been declared national parks or wildlife refuges.

With the amount of beaches located all over the country I am sure that you won’t be able to resist lounging or swimming in at least one of them.

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2. Learn to Dance with the Garifuna - The Garífuna is a unique culture that resulted from the mixture of the native Caribs and African tribes that were introduced to this side of the world by conquerors. They settled along the Caribbean coast of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

In Belize you can find them in Hopkins Village, known as the Garifuna town. Hopkins Village has a lot of friendly people that love to share their culture with visitors. All you need to do to learn about them and have fun is to go out to a park or the beach and approach a group of them.

3. Explore Belize City - This is the largest city in the country and its principal port. It also used to be the capital of the country, but it got destroyed by a hurricane and moved to Belmopan. However the few that stayed managed to make it the financial hub of Belize.

It is a fun place to explore where you can learn a lot about the history of the country by visiting its historic landmarks.

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4. Tour the Local Farmer's, Artisan's of Fishermen's Markets - These are awesome places where you get to interact with locals and to practice some haggling. In them you will find about anything you might want or need to buy: fresh produce, clothes, gifts, seafood and even small eateries offering the best of the local dishes.

Even if you don't want to buy anything, they are places where you can have fun and get lost for hours.

5. Check Out St. Johns Cathedral - The reason why it is a good idea to visit this church is because this is the oldest Anglican Church in Central America. It isn't a huge, luxurious church but it is a cool place to visit if you like British colonial architecture or want to hear about the role the church played in Belizean history. The church has over 150 active members, an old cemetery and runs a school.

I am sure that Belize has many other things to do for free. If you know of any share it with us.

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