5 Reasons to Head to Belize This Fall

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With fabulous weather all year-round and stunningly beautiful landscapes, it's always a good time to visit Belize. But fall in this part of the world is one of the best times to pack a bag and head down to this enchanting gem of a nation to relax in the sun or climb a mist-shrouded Maya pyramid in the jungle.

Many visitors aren't sure whether to skip Belize in autumn due to the prevalence of storms in the Caribbean, but, generally speaking, the weather in Belize during this time of the year stays quiet and calm, making it a perfect time to visit to escape the maddening crowds.

Here are 5 reasons why booking a fabulous fall Belize vacation is a great idea:

1 - Get to Know the Locals

One of the pleasant surprises in visiting Belize is meeting the locals, some of the friendliest, most hospitable, and open people on the planet. When you visit Belize during the slow season, you get a chance to meet and interact with the people of Belize. Whether it's chatting with a local food vendor, witnessing a patriotic parade, listening to the drums of the Garifuna people, visiting a traditional Maya home, or chatting with a tour guide as you explore a pyramid, don't be surprised if the locals quickly adopt you as one of their own, eager to show off their culture, music, and food to visitors.

belize lobsterfest

2 - Seafood

Belize has a long history of plying the waters of the Caribbean for fresh seafood, and fall is when some delicious items like conch and lobster are at their best. In order to protect these valuable stocks, out of season fishing is strictly forbidden, so you'll have to be in Belize at the right time to enjoy these sweet treats from the sea. Lobster, in particular, is much beloved in Belize, being used in a variety of dishes like ceviche and stewed lobster. And don't miss conch soup and conch fritters.

3 - Celebrations

Although fall may be the "slow" season for international visitors, it's the time of year when Belizeans hold some of their biggest celebrations. The entire month of September is filled with concerts, parades, barbecues, games, and street parties as Belize celebrates its independence (September 21) and rich history.


4 - Less Crowded

Skip all the crowds and lines when you visit Belize in fall, the perfect opportunity to explore popular spots like Ambergris Caye, swim in pools, enjoy a guided tour, or sample the cuisine and fresh-made cocktails at a restaurant or bar without worrying about throngs of tourists.

5 - Better Price

As part of the slow season, fall is a great time to benefit from reduced rates at the best resorts, lodges, and hotels in the country or take advantage of a comprehensive vacation package that includes trips to all of the top spots in the country.

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