5 Excellent Reasons to Spend Spring Break in Belize

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spring break in belize

Would any other year be as appropriate for a spring break than 2021? Of course not. You’re grouchy. The kids are bored. And if you try out one more recipe in an effort to stay busy during the pandemic, you think you might just lose your mind or your former waistline.

How does the idea of having someone else cook for you and your family sound? What about eating meals under the warm sun wearing only a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops? This isn’t a fantasy borne of sequestration. Spring is on the horizon and who hasn’t earned the right to take a spring break more than you and your loved ones?

Your destination is a no-brainer. Belize is the acknowledged spring break mecca of Central America and because there are so many things to do awaiting everyone in your family after a flight that takes just a couple of hours, can you think of one reason to say no?

Everyone speaks English in Belize so your last argument for staying home has been scuttled. Now then, here are 5 additional reasons to dig out enough summer clothing to get you through your upcoming holiday.

spring break trips belize
1. Spring break in Belize is not limited to college kids celebrating being free of classes, exams, and parents. Singles, couples, families, and groups are choosing this small nation as their first vacation pick because resorts like Cahal Pech Village Resort have designed spring break programs for folks of all ages and each one is a gem.

2. Give yourself the biggest break of all by perusing Cahal Pech’s Belize vacation package menu so one decision takes care of all of your arrangements. Go ahead. Take a peek. Each thoughtfully-assembled package is designed to suit a variety of interests and budgets.

3. Break up with your snow shovel and snowblower. Greet the spring season in the sun at a Belize resort that’s small enough to make sure you’ll be close to the Cahal Pech swimming pool. And what better way to welcome spring than by indulging your senses with a variety of spa treatments?

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4. Take a break from your normal routine. Dishes. Laundry. Carpools. Instead, make this spring break your opportunity to try bungee jumping, ziplining, and cave tube in addition to exploring Maya ruins located adjacent to the resort. You can afford these adventures by searching for low airline bargains found everywhere on the Internet.

5. Design your break with your family in mind. Having come through the pandemic in good shape, you deserve the best, and Cahal Pech Village Resort delivers. From spacious lodgings to meals prepared by masterful resort chefs, it’s easy to imagine yourself in the midst of this heavenly place, right?

This is your spring break. Make every moment a joyous occasion and if you’d also like to save money, allow resort staff to cut you a break if you stick around longer! Sound like the kind of spring break you’ve always dreamed about but never thought you'd have the time or opportunity to take? Now is the time and Cahal Pech Village Resort is the place. When can we expect to welcome you?

Questions about traveling to Belize? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your Belize vacation.

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