Your San Ignacio Belize Honeymoon: It’s Everything You Crave … and More!

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Whether it’s your first honeymoon or your 5th (no judgments), finding things to do during a San Ignacio Belize honeymoon could overwhelm you – especially if you and your love assume that all of the sightseeing you intend to do stops at the door of your Belize accommodations.

But you will want to go out once you recover from the exhaustion couples experience after big celebrations and despite its small size, San Ignacio is packed with nearby attractions, historic sites and fun, all located in fairly close proximity.

We’ve asked a bunch of post-honeymooners what they recommend to 2021 couples who are coming to San Ignacio and they weren’t shy about responding. Take one suggestion. Consider all of them. One warning: this little town is a thriving hub surrounded by so much to do, it's possible to return home as exhausted as you were after the wedding!

Grab a blast from the past. The San Ignacio area is home to remarkable Maya ruins. If you can only find time for a few, make them Xunantunich and Cahal Pech. Headquarter at Cahal Pech Village Resort so you won’t have to go far. The ruin is right next door. Book a tour to Xunantunich if you don’t mind traveling a short distance that entails crossing the Mopan River on a small hand-propelled ferry. Want more? Add Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) to your itinerary.

Discover Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. A pine forest in the tropics? You two will travel over dirt roads to see astonishing sites nestled into this unique forest. Your reward for a bumpy ride? Stunning scenery, majestic waterfalls and other natural wonders. Include the Rio Frio Cave where the ancient Mayas held sacred rituals on your Pine Ridge trip. Wear a swimsuit. After a full day of exploring, a refreshing swim in a natural pool within the forest ends the day on a perfect note.

Visit St. Herman’s cave, an exotic attraction that isn't recommended for claustrophobics because you’ll crawl through limestone passages to reach the recesses of this former ceremonial center. There is a good chance you will spot pottery, shards and ancient “leftovers” consumed by Mayas living in the vicinity. You’ll be rewarded for trekking into this cave by exiting at The Blue Hole, a natural pool where playful splashing between honeymooners is encouraged.

san ignacio belize honeymoons

Choose tranquil, soothing activities that leave you with plenty of energy for whatever fun the setting sun suggests. Tour the 2700-square-foot Green Hills Butterfly Ranch and immerse yourselves in 50 acres of flowers and greenery at the Belize Botanical Gardens where the two of you are likely to imagine what it felt like to be Adam and Eve amid all of this natural splendor.

Paint the town red. Shop, browse the works of local artisans, sample foods and take advantage of amenities offered by towns located close to the resort. Better yet, forget about trying to sort out an itinerary by choosing a Belize all-inclusive honeymoon that includes myriad tours plus gorgeous accommodations, delicious meals and bountiful onsite amenities for one price. Discover all package details and pack your bags. You can thank us when you get home for making your honeymoon as easy as it was romantic and affordable!

Questions about traveling to Belize? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your Belize vacation.

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