Belize Wildlife and Nature Vacations

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Belize Wildlife and Nature Vacations

Belize is a country overloaded with amazing wildlife and tantalizing vistas. Close encounters with jaguars, tapirs (the national animal of Belize), manatees, crocodiles, numerous tropical birds, coral reefs and countless waterfalls is just a brief trip away for tourists and locals.

If you were to pare the Belizean identity down to a handful of characteristics, a deep admiration for local wildlife would easily make the list; ocelots, toucans, macaws, tapirs and even snake-like caterpillars can easily be witnessed, sometimes even all in the same day.

Visitors will be pleased to know that you can easily see these creatures without ruining the day or imperiling lives thanks to easy access to knowledgeable tour guides that are more than willing to inform and educate interested parties.

Whether you want to take a carefree stroll through Belize Zoo's menagerie or rough it in Chiquibul Jungle for a more primal wildlife exposure experience, chances are good that anyone can find the perfect nature tour to suit their tastes. Remember, never feed the wildlife and only go on a tour with a recommended guide.

A Small Sample of Notable Nature Tours

  • Horseback Riding. This is a horseback riding tour through many of Belize's natural vistas, from its jungles, savannas and forests.
  • Actun Tunichil Muknal Caving Tour. This is a tour of "ATM Cave," also known as the Cave of the Crystal Sepulcher. Not only do you get the experience of a guided walking tour, but you can also see the crystallized remains of the "Crystal Maiden."
  • Mountain Pine Ridge Tour. This your of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, allows you to walk, hike and even surf through parts of the Belize Pine Forest.
  • Big Rock Fall, Butterfly Farm and Barton Creek Cave. This full-day tour is an immersive nature experience that allows you to hike downstream, go swimming around waterfalls, see swarms of vivacious butterflies and even explore caverns filled with Maya remains and relics.
  • Jaguar Paw Cave Tour. Explore a cave and use an inner tube to ride along the rivers on the return trip. There is also an option to zip-line through the jungle canopy, getting a high speed trip at a howler monkey's-eye level.
  • Lamanai and the Safari of the New River. The New River is a waterway filled with a diverse and amazing array of creatures. Crocodiles, various birds of prey, and the water-striding Jacana birds can all be encountered along its stream and banks. Visitors hike along the river's course until they arrive at Lamanai. Lamanai is a Maya ruin known for ornate masks, plentiful multicolored birds and howler monkeys.

Best Belize Resort

It is also worth remembering that you will need some place to stay in between your nature excursions and there is no finer establishment to do so than Cahal Pech Village Resort. Not only does it offer an excellent chance to easily reach out to nature but you can also enjoy top-tier accommodations when you are ready to relax.

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