San Ignacio Belize Weather

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Belize’s climate is classified as subtropical, with a cool continuous air stream flowing over from the Caribbean Sea. The annual mean temperature reads 79 degrees Fahrenheit, with highest summer temperatures rarely exceeding 96 degrees Fahrenheit and lowest winters hardly ever below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Coastal towns and communities in the higher elevated regions of the country are normally cooler than inland regions like Belmopan, the nation’s capital.

Annual rainfall figures are usually between 50 and 170 inches. The southernmost districts of Toledo and Stann Creek receive the highest amounts of rainfall. Traditionally, the rainy season falls between June and November and the dry season between February and May. However, due to the recent changes in global weather patterns, habitual weather predictions are becoming less reliable. The average humidity is 85 percent, which is nicely balanced by the cool breezes coming in from the Caribbean Sea.

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