Here’s Why You Should Spend Thanksgiving in Belize

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There’s No Better Place to Give Thanks than Belize

Spend Thanksgiving in Belize at Cahal Pech Village Resort

The holidays are sneaking up on you and you have decisions to make. Which of these two scenarios sound better?A) You bundle the kids into coats, drive or fly to grandmas while battling crowds and congestion, then spend the long weekend cooped up before returning home in need of a vacation, orB) You take advantage of low airfares and resort deals at tropical havens like Cahal Pech in Belize where you dress in casual attire and show up relaxed at a bountiful dinner table laden with turkey and all of the fixings?

Does the aforementioned choice trigger a deep sigh and a longing to know how it would feel to give thanks in an environment of serene tranquility where family members actually talk to each other across a bountiful table as turkey is carved, sweet potatoes are buttered and wine glasses are refilled? Why wish for this experience when you can enjoy the best Thanksgiving holiday ever by enjoying all of the tradition and none of the work at a resort eager to treat you and your family like the honored guests you are?We know what you’re thinking. Fly the entire family to Belize?

If you’re already buying airline tickets to visit relatives for Thanksgiving, it’s time to discover that regularly-scheduled flights on American, United, SouthWest and Delta can transport your party to and from paradise for comparable fares, and Cahal Pech lodgings are equally affordable if you book right now!

Need more incentive? Picture yourself greeted by warm sunshine on a picture-perfect day as you land in Belize to find a smiling Cahal Pech driver ready to transport you to the resort. Settle into lodgings that meet your family’s budget: affordable standard rooms and cabanas, family or deluxe cabanas for a few dollars more, or book a suite for the ultimate Thanksgiving holiday.

Ask families who have made annual pilgrimages to Belize for Thanksgiving about their experiences and you’ll learn how many return, making this a family tradition, rather than a one-time affair, because their experiences proved too blissful to spend this holiday elsewhere.If you make your arrangements today, the rate you see on the Cahal Pech website is good to November 30th, but availability gets tighter every day as summer comes to its inevitable end. Hesitate and you might have to wait until next year to sit on a serene beach holding a fork and the remnants of delicious pumpkin pie on your plate.

Thanksgiving at Cahal Pech is a holiday experience that is unsurpassed and it’s just a phone call away. A reserved table for your family at the The Ixtabai Restaurant awaits. You’ll order holiday cocktails and a grand Thanksgiving meal overlooking the lush Belize River Valley with a smile on your face as you acknowledge how blessed you are to kick off the most wondrous holiday season of the year here in Belize.





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