Belize tourism: 5 things to know before you visit

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Belize Tourism: things to know about Belize before you travel

Here's what you should know before your next trip to Belize

With a long coastline and many offshore islands in the Caribbean Sea combined with exotic jungles and rainforests, the small Central American nation of Belize is an ideal destination for adventure travel.

Below are five aspects of Belize which have made it a destination for tourists:

1 - Exciting Adventures

Thrills abound in Belize as visitors can zip line through a rainforest, scuba dive the legendary Blue Hole, rappel down a waterfall or explore miles of ancient cave systems. Few adventures can compare to tubing down a river through a series of caves or spelunking ancient caves once used for Maya sacrifices. Horseback riding is also popular, as is hiking through dozens of national parks. And few can forget the excitement of seeing a jaguar in its natural habitat in the gorgeous Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary.

2 - Exploring the Jungle

Take a tour up a gentle tropical river, marveling at the monkeys chattering overhead and crocodiles basking in the sun below. Birdwatchers have more than 500 species to glimpse amongst the tree branches, including brightly colored toucans. Baird's Tapir, Belize's national animal and one of the largest rodents on Earth, amble their way through the jungle floor while "bamboo chickens" - enormous green iguanas measuring up to 7 feet long - perch on the tree limbs overhanging the water.

3 - A Mariner's Paradise

The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest on the planet, home to dozens of species of coral which shelter a rich panoply of underwater flora and fauna. Snorkelers and scuba divers come from all over the world to marvel at turtles, fish, nurse sharks and hundreds of species of tropical fish. Experienced divers come to explore the mysteries of the Blue Hole with its underwater caves and shadowy denizens like the hammerhead shark. Closer to shore, the weather is always perfect for kayaking, windsurfing, paddleboarding, swimming or just enjoying a nap in a hammock underneath the fronds of a palm tree.

4 - Why Travelers Love Belize

With a friendly mix of welcoming English-speaking natives and plenty of delicious foods, Belize is an affordable slice of paradise. Travelers love the eclectic mix of thrilling adventures combined with a laid-back culture where you can dance the night away to the beat of Garifuna drums. In some parts quaint and unchanged for centuries, Belize has just the right mix of modern conveniences with an easygoing Caribbean vibe.

5 - The Heart of the Maya

A thousand years ago, more than a million Maya lived in what is now Belize, packed into enormous stone cities in the jungle. Today only the ruins survive, with dozens of impressive sites replete with grand plazas, soaring temples, and giant pyramids for visitors to explore.

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