Belize Outdoor Adventures? They’re All on the Cahal Pech Resort Menu!

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belize outdoor adventures

If you’ve had enough indoor adventures to last a lifetime during the pandemic, you’re not alone. The sheer number of activities folks either acquired or returned to while on lock-down boggles the mind and includes baking, crafts, gardening, sewing, painting and other creative endeavors that have the ability to forestall boredom and pass the time.

But a long tunnel leading to freedom is beginning to appear on the horizon, which means you are free to abandon all of those projects if you prefer in favor of an outdoor adventure guaranteed to lift you from your COVID funk now that travel restrictions are disappearing. And if you've been vaccinated, that's your biggest getaway advantage.

The number of outdoor adventures awaiting you in Belize are unlimited and it only takes a short plane ride to get to your destination where you won't mind “sequestering” in the sun where accommodations, gourmet dining and fun greet your weary soul.

Where to find this and more?

outdoor adventures in belize

At Cahal Pech Village Resort, the acknowledged home of fun and adventure. Because every guest defines adventure differently, the resort tour menu is packed with experiences designed for varying fitness levels and interests. Here are a few of them:

-Visit multiple Maya ruins that capture the imagination including Cahal Pech, located next to the resort.
-Explore caves. Canoe or float into those underground canyons on a tube or take the black hole drop that lowers you into one that's situated in the midst of a rainforest.
-Zip line over jungle canopies for the ultimate in heart-pounding aerial rides.
-Canoe into jungles teeming with wildlife or pick a tamer tour like birdwatching, botanical gardens or a butterfly farm.
-Get your artist on by visiting a ceramics studio long enough to craft a piece of your own take on Pre-Columbian art.

There’s lots more on the Cahal Pech tour menu including packages you can book that run the gamut from Belize vacation deals covering your entire stay or book your lodging separately and choose from the tours list after you arrive.

Concerned about your safety?

outdoor belize vacations

It’s normal to worry about health and safety in light of the fact that you have just survived a year of being hyper-cautious, but if you choose Cahal Pech resort for your adventure vacation, you can relax. This property was awarded Gold Standard status based on state-of-the-art hygiene practices.

Everything associated with your stay is dedicated to keeping you healthy. As a result of all of the TLC you'll receive, you're sure to return you home in better shape than ever and decidedly more relaxed than you were when you arrived in Belize.

Extend your stay and be rewarded for sticking around longer with discounts that grow the longer you’re in residence. Come for the adventures. Stay for the safety factor. You can always go back to your crafts projects and gardens once you rediscover your joi de vivre.

Questions about traveling to Belize? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your Belize vacation.

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