Belize: The Best Destination for Nature Lovers

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Belize: Where Eco-tourism is Mecca for Nature Lovers!

It’s an alarming trend, say scientists at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Almost 2/3rds of the global wildlife population has disappeared in the past 50 years, and “Latin America and the Caribbean were the most affected, with an average decline of 94-percent.” But not every nation is witnessing this dramatic decline. Belize remains a bastion of biodiversity, safeguarding the world’s second largest coral reef, pristine jungles, rainforests and a wide range of wildlife species.

“While the trends are alarming, there is reason to remain optimistic,” said WWF Global Chief Scientist Rebecca Shaw. “Young generations are becoming acutely aware of the link between planetary health and their own futures, and they are demanding action.” For this optimistic reason, there is a good chance that Belize may turn out to be the single most responsible nation on the Caribbean rim. For nature lovers, this is the best news of all.

Intrepid travelers with hectic work and personal schedules will especially appreciate Belize. It takes only a couple of hours by plane to reach Belize, one of the smallest nations in Central America. This means getting from place to place within the nation’s borders is not just doable but effortless.

To maximize a visit to Belize that prioritizes activities that focus on the nation’s ecosystem, staying at a resort that is upscale, beautiful and offering access to the best Mother Nature has to offer is the essential element to a well-planned itinerary. At Cahal Pech Belize Resort, nature –not man – dominates the lush landscape. Built beside an ancient Maya ruin that was once home to royalty, this resort is tucked into a pristine so guests experience an authentic stay that’s both affordable and lush.

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Experience Belize’s natural wonders from a choice of suites and cabanas that combine native architecture and decor with modern conveniences adventure travelers expect from a respected accommodation. Choose from Belize vacation packages that include not just tropical lodgings but meals, onsite amenities and local transport to and from the resort.

You design your itinerary by choosing a package that best suits your passion for nature. Meet Belize’s irrepressible Howler Monkeys hanging out along the Macal River, explore jungles, rainforests and waterfalls or make it your prime objective to visit marine and inland animal sanctuaries and preserves. All of these tours are available to Cahal Pech guests. This includes cultural sites that introduce you to Belize’s people via day trips to San Ignacio, Santa Familia and Bullet Tree Falls. And because everything is in close proximity, you won't waste a minute during your stay.

Don’t let the fact that you’re not a millionaire prevent you from enjoying a Cahal Pech vacation that exceeds your wildest expectations. The resort rewards guests for extended stays by offering discounts to folks who want to stay long enough to see everything. Now’s the time to see why Belize stands head and shoulders above neighboring nations when it comes to preserving and maintaining the Western Hemisphere’s priceless natural treasures.

Questions about traveling to Belize? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your Belize vacation.

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