San Ignacio Market Comes Highly Recommended By Afar Magazine

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Photo courtesy of Afar Magazine

The San Ignacio Market Tour is one of the best things to do in western Belize says Afar Magazine, a travel publication that focuses on experiential travel and based in the United States.

Fresh vegetables, juicy fruits and a variety of local products can be found at the market on a busy day. In addition, you will see Belize's predominant enthic groups like the Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, and Maya intermingling with one another.

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Kristen Alana, a travel writer from Afar who toured the market describes it as follows:

On the banks of the Macal River, slightly on the edge of downtown San Ignacio, there is a sprawling market on Saturday where everything from shoes and clothing to housewares and fresh produce is for sale. Locals use the market as their primary place to buy and sell everyday items for the week ahead. It’s also a social occasion, with people gathering to catch up on local gossip in the food stalls. The market is somewhat segregated, grouping produce sellers together and pushing souvenir vendors to the side closest to the river. However, as the market has grown, the organization seems to have floundered a bit and I would recommend leaving enough time to wander every aisle and stall to ensure no gem is left undiscovered. Locals recommend the tacos and pupusas as the best choices for lunch. I really enjoyed the snow cone topped with evaporated milk. Buses also park just next to the market in a dirt lot, so transportation is not difficult if you’re coming from outside of town.

If you happen to be in San Ignacio on a Saturday, we recommend that you do a tour of the market.

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