27,000-year-old tooth reveals hidden insights into the lives of Giant Sloths in Belize

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Giant Sloths in Belize
Giant sloth tooth discovered in a Belize sinkhole. Credit: the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

An ancient tooth has shed interesting new light on the life forms that existed in the Belize region centuries ago. The discovery starts with the fossilized tooth of a giant sloth.

In 2014, divers looking for Maya artifacts found the fossilized tooth and femur of the giant sloth. Recently, researchers from the University of Illinois and the National Science Foundation studied the remains. They concluded that in prehistoric times, Belize was not a jungle at all, but a dry plain that was almost a desert. The sloth apparently dove into a sinkhole in search of water to drink. It was unable to climb back out and died there. Centuries later, the sloth's tooth has given us a whole new understanding of prehistoric Belize.

Belize has always been a place where you can find historical mystery and modern adventure. It's an ideal location for anyone who wants to combine learning with fun.

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