Easter Celebrations in Belize

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easter in belize

Easter in Belize

The majority of people in Belize have strong Christian roots, making the Easter holiday a truly special experience. Good Friday is a time for solemnity and religious services. Starting on Holy Saturday, Belizeans take advantage of the Easter weekend to enjoy exciting sports competitions like the Cross Country Cycling Classic and family picnics. On Sunday, the whole country explodes with lively celebrations, family get-togethers and Easter fairs. The final day of the holiday, Easter Monday, is when more fairs are held as well as horse races, afternoon dances, and everyone takes one last opportunity to eat, drink and be merry on this important holiday.

For visitors in Belize during the Easter holiday, there is plenty to do. Almost all stores and businesses are closed on Good Friday making it a good time to relax on the beach or go snorkeling and diving in the warm waters of the Belize Barrier Reef. Be aware that this is the day when many religious services are held and alcohol sales are banned.

12 Things You Need to Know About the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic
Holy Saturday's most exciting event is the annual Cross Country Cycle Race. Hundreds of bicyclists compete in the 140-mile race between Belize City and San Ignacio. Other events around the country include fairs, dances, and parties.

Easter Sunday is a a great time to explore the amazing ATM cave, climb ancient temples in the Maya ruins of Xunantunich or simply enjoy all of the delicious food, music and fun of San Ignacio Town.

Easter Monday is the final day of the holiday and a great time for visitors to drink in the local sights, exploring the local markets or witnessing local dances. Other options are going diving with whale sharks or exploring the ruins of Cahal Pech. With over 34 huge structures, the unique site of Cahal Pech once belonged to an elite Maya family that worshipped at their own enormous temple.

Located near all of the most exciting fairs, sports competitions and village celebrations, the town of San Ignacio is the best place to witness how the nation of Belize celebrates their most important national holiday.

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Located in San Ignacio Town, the beautiful resort of Cahal Pech is the gateway to all of the best that western Belize has to offer. With richly appointed rooms overlooking the beautiful Belize River Valley, Cahal Pech offers guests a full range of modern amenities and tour packages to see all of the nearby attractions including the Cross Country Cycle Race, the ruins of the Mayan city of Cahal Pech, and the wondrous ATM Cave.

Questions about traveling to Belize for Easter? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your Belize Easter vacation.



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