The 10 Best San Ignacio Tours, Excursions & Activities 2021

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Do you make lists? Excellent. That means your 2021 travel plans are so efficient, you won’t miss a thing during your 2021 visit to San Ignacio, Belize.

If time is of the essence during your Belize vacation, headquarter in San Ignacio to see, taste, hear and enjoy the essence of the nation. For the perfect experience, you need a tour company that knows the land, people and sites; a company like Cahal Pech Tours. For safety, expert guides and planning that gets you to twice the number of places as competitors, see these 10 attractions courtesy of homegrown Belize experts!

1. ATM Cave


Actun Tunichil Muknal cave is located near San Ignacio. See why archaeologists say that this dramatic discovery, now open for visitors eager to see vestiges of ancient Maya society, can’t be missed. Spot artifacts, ceramics and stoneware, but visitors insist that the main chamber’s skeletal remains are the most fascinating.

2. Tikal Maya Ruins

tikal maya ruins in guatemala

While you’re investigating ancient Maya history, book a trip to Tikal, located across the Belize border within a Guatemalan rainforest. Even the trek to the site is a feast for the eyes and ears, so when visitors reach what’s called one of the largest pre-Columbian cities on the continent, they are often at a loss for words.

3. Barton Creek Cave

Barton Creek Cave Tour Belize

Not necessarily a favorite of travelers with claustrophobia, Barton Creek Cave never disappoints curiosity-seekers from the moment they enter this natural cave. Barton Creek Cave is both an archaeological wonder and a fascinating tourist destination located close enough to San Ignacio to be visited in a day.

4. San Ignacio Market


For a slice of Belizean culture located on the banks of the Macal River, the market is always bustling with vendors farmers and browsers. Sample locally-grown fruits, veggies, medicinal herbs and handmade crafts. While you’re in town, stop at shops specializing in souvenirs and local goods or grab a coffee at a local bar.

5. Mountain Pine Ridge

mountain pine ridge belize

The nation of Belize is committed to protecting every inch of unspoiled land that serves as homes for indigenous wildlife, ancient trees, plants and flowers. This 166-mile south central nature reserve is a favorite spot for visitors eager to stand beside native pine trees planted in 1944 that remain a legacy of the past.

6. Caracol Maya Ruins


Including the Caracol Maya ruins on your itinerary will help you get a more accurate picture of the beginnings of Maya society founded in this area around 1200 BC. This spectacular site is surrounded by other places of interest that include the Macal River and Chiquibil Forest Reserve, so why not see all of this during your tour?

7. Xunantunich


If you’re committed to understanding the order in which ancient Maya people arrived in the area now known as the Cayo District, see Xunantunich, too. Occupied from the Preclassic to the Postclassic eras, this intriguing site sits atop a ridge overlooking the Mopan River where you can peek over the nearby Guatemala border.

8. Cahal Pech

cahal pech site

“Place of the Ticks” refers to pastureland surrounding Cahal Pech Maya Ruins, a Maya Classic Period site offering glimpses of life during Maya occupation. Visit 30 structures within a 2-acre compound filled with temples, residences, ball courts and more. Don’t miss the royal burial chamber filled with rare treasures or the interactive museum!

9. Cave Tubing

Cave-tubing in Belize

It’s not an Olympic sport but it may as well be called the national sport of Belize! Floating into ancient Maya caves on oversized tubes has become a national obsession and not-to-miss experience for tourists of all ages and interests. Float into a lost world once the exclusive purview of Maya priests and sacrificial maidens.

10. Jungle Pontoon Tour


Sail into lush jungles onboard a pontoon boat taking a small party of tourists to the most spectacular waterfalls in Belize. Spot wildlife along the Vaca Lake shore as you travel deep into Mother Nature’s domain. This trip includes a refreshing swim, cave visit and lunch. Pack your swimsuit!

How many of these are now on your personal "must-see" list? Don’t just talk about seeing them; book your tours now at

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