Belize’s Coolest Caves

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In this post, we bring to you the coolest caves to visit in western Belize.


Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

Known locally as Xibalba, Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM Cave) is one of the most popular and impressive caves in the Cayo District that was used as a sacred place by the Maya of Belize.

The ATM cave consists of a series of chambers ending in a 300 by 50 meter Cathedral where sacrificial ceremonies once took place. Visitors are offered the opportunity to travel into the Maya past and witness a living museum where human sacrificies and artifacts can be viewed in their original context.

The tour departs from Cahal Pech Village Resort at 7 am and for more information, please contact our


Che Chem Ha Cave

Located 16 miles away from San Ignacio Town near Vaca Falls, Che Chem Ha Cave is most notable for its unique collection of Maya artwork and artifacts.

The cave's entrance is decorated with Maya motifs and an assortment of storage jars line the walls of its chamber.

Visitors will notice that many of the storage jars still contain maize and other staples of the ancient Maya diet.


Barton Creek Cave

One of the largest river caves in Belize, Barton Creek cave consists of giant passages covered with numerous large speleothems over a navigable river and these features of the cave have made it a popular tourist destination in the Cayo District.

According to Archaeologists, recent investigation of the Barton Creek Cave have provided a wealth of information toward understanding the importance of caves in the Maya culture.

Visitors will learn that this cave was used by the ancient Maya for a variety of purposes; for example, agricultural rituals, fertility rites, ritual bloodletting, human sacrifice, and lineage internment.

Cave tubing is one of the top things to do on a Belize vacation. The Caves Branch tour will take you through the majestic Maya underworld where you will discover stunning stalactites and stalagmites formations, astonishing crystal curtains, fire pits, Maya ceremonial pottery, wall carvings, glyph writings and even skeletal remains of sacrificial victims.

The history of caves in Maya Mythology will absolutely astound you and after the tour is over, you will appreciate the wealth of information that caves reveal on the Maya.

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