Belizean Music Lengend Paul Nabor Passes Away

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paul nabor

Yesterday Belize lost one of its greatest living Paranda artists, Paul Nabor. He was not only considered a musical legend among the Garifuna people but also the “Buyei” (religious leader in his community).

Nabor lived in Punta Gorda, a small coastal village in Southern Belize and according to a news report on the Belize Media Group website, he had been ailing for an extended period.

"Naguya Nei" was one of the popular songs he was known for. Lyrics and song below:

Nati nuguya merumayatina
Wanwa nuguya merumayatina
Balabada naru tura nigabana nay
Lau nuragu le hadan hara familia
Ayanuhayatina hama namulenu (x2)
Dame le gia nowen wanwa
Lauba la banda habunana
Hawagu namulenu naritagua
Hawagu nisanigu naritagua

Brother, I am ill
Dear Brother, I am ill
I have tossed and turned in my bed
With this ailment in the presence of my family
I have spoken with my children
Dear Brother when I pass away
They must have a band at my funeral
It is my little ones I'm worried about
It is my children I'm worried about

On behalf of the Management and Staff of Cahal Pech Village Resort, we extend condolences to the family and friends of Paul Nabor.

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