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Belize Barrier Reef – a Popular destination for Scuba Diving

The Belize Barrier Reef is currently being featured on, a popular website on the internet that consists of maps of every country in the world.

The "About Us" section of the site reads:

Maps are everywhere on for students, travelers, researchers, instructors, the layman . . . just about everyone. We have physical maps ,political maps, blank maps, outline maps, thematic maps - a staggering collection you can go on and on browsing. At the same time, we have dedicated channels for finance, travel, and other areas of knowledge and fun.

The article highlights the importance of the barrier reef to Belize and provides useful information to travelers, researchers and scientists.

"The reef consists of carnivores called polyps, which prey on small sea creatures that float by catching them with twinging tentacles. These multi-colored corals are eye-catching. Other organisms found in the reef include 500 species of fish, 45 hydroids, 65 scleritian corals, and 350 molluscs along with a great diversity of sponges, marine worms and crustaceans," states the first paragraph of the article.

"Anyone who visits Belize should defintely consider exploring the Belize barrier reef as it is an excellent destination for scuba diving and snorkeling," says Lloyd Alvarez, Reservations Manager of Cahal Pech Village Resort.

The article also informs readers about the threats that the reef is experiencing.

"As the reef is under threats due to the oceanic pollution and several other factors, measures are being taken by the concerned authorities to protect the reef. Within the Belize Barrier Reef are several protected zones, like the Great Blue Hole, a submarine sinkhole, and Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve."

You can read the full article here:

"Aside from the Belize barrier reef, travelers are also attracted to Belize because of its ancient Maya sites, caves, diverse culture and and delicious cuisines asserts Lloyd who recommends Belize as a warm winter destination.

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