12 Reasons to Hit Gorgeous Belize this Summer

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How do you define the word gorgeous? Simple: “Belize.” Our small nation is resplendent in colors, sounds, tastes and sites that can only be described as breathtaking. To give you a dozen reasons why you will want to visit this summer, we suggest that you close your eyes after reading each one and imagine yourself taking in the splendor that is Belize. Rumor has it you’ll re-define your use of the word Gorgeous after returning home!

1. Belize is Beautiful. There are a variety of world-class resorts within our borders, each designed to delight and amaze. Find the accommodations that fit your style and budget within a nation has neither been over-built nor over-commercialized. Resorts like Cahal Pech Village Resort are designed and furnished to showcase local raw materials, Belize-influenced colors and patterns so you’ll be immersed in the culture throughout your stay.

2. Expect Stunning sunsets. Like all of Mother Nature’s gifts, every country under the sun thinks that their sunsets are unique, but ours really are! Save your picture taking for early morning or late in the day when things turn golden, the sea stands still and the beaches turn into expanses of sugar, but without the calories.

3. Belize is home to some of the most Elegant resorts on the planet. Typical of them is the aforementioned Cahal Pech, where three swimming pools, air conditioned cabanas, on-site dining and extraordinary staff fulfill every request. Cahal Pech Village Resort is conveniently located a stone’s throw from civilization.

4. Exquisite historic sites built thousands of years ago by Mayan populations that once called Belize home are unique to this area of Central America. History in Belize is written in ballparks, palaces, temples and stellae and they’re yours to contemplate in this striking array of villages, caves and heritage-worthy sites.

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5. Amazing wildlife surrounds you when you visit Belize. From sleek dolphins and whale sharks to indigenous birds that are so colorful, no Impressionist painter could do them justice, Belize is a wonderland of living creatures. Night-crawling jaguars inhabit the world’s only jaguar sanctuary and where else can you stand amid rainbows of butterflies?

6. Dazzling dives are the stuff of which dreams are built and Belize has unique diving opportunities that are unrivaled. From the mysterious Blue Hole plunging 450-feet into oblivion to oddly shaped coral art found at diverse depths, Belize is Diver Mecca to frequent visitors who still find themselves speechless after gazing below through a diving mask.

7. Magnificent vistas welcome travelers of every walk of life, from honeymooners and prospective retirees to people sick of over-populated destinations that promise tranquility but deliver very little. Cahal Pech is conveniently located near world-class attractions like Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, the Cahal Pech Maya site, neighboring Guatemala’s Tikal park, Barton Creek Cave, San Ignacio, home to unforgettable restaurants, shops and festivals.

8. Call your Belize travel photos nothing short of professional when shot at locations that are National Geographic magazine-worthy. Photograph dramatic waterfalls, take micro images of delicate jungle flowers and pose your family amid sacred Mayan ruins. Remember to thank the gods that film is no longer necessary so there’s no limit to the images you bring home.

9. Eye-catching waters are not limited to the vast ocean that’s wrapped around Belize’s hundreds of islands and shorelines. Rivers, streams, lagoons and other bodies of water are so varied, you could spend an entire summer exploring fresh water channels. From tubing to exploring and from sailing to river fishing, say the word and become privy to all of the eye-catching aquatic adventures Belize has to offer.

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10. Attractive pricing is yours when visiting Belize this summer! It’s low season and everything drops, including airfares, lodging rates, tours and packages. Your wallet always looks more attractive when it stays filled and your plastic welcomes a break, too. By visiting Belize in summer, you get all the deals and none of the crowds. Now, that’s attractive!

11. Did you know that Exotic caves are frequently the only reason vacationers come to Belize? Former enclaves of Mayan safety and habitation have left behind a history of artifacts, treasures and even sparkling skeletal remains that tickle imaginations to such an extent, tourists have been known to return home from Belize with a newfound fascination for pre-Columbian anthropology.

12. Simply Gorgeous is the descriptor you will use when heaping plates of ethnically-influence gourmet food are set before you at the on-premises Cahal Pech restaurant. Fresh, locally produced ingredients and freshly-caught seafood with show you what food is meant to taste like. But look up from dessert to contemplate the Belize River Valley--a breathtaking vista that heightens all of your senses as you nod your head and intone, “Now, isn’t this gorgeous?”

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