The Hills of Cahal Pech

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We are pleased to share with you a poem by Jeanne Cassidy who visited us recently.


By Jeanne Cassidy

The Hills of Cahal Pech

cahal pech village resort san ignacio belize

Thatched roof huts
That smell of cedar and sweat
Red woven cloth
Of Cahil Pech

Ancient ruins with
the holy ceiba tree
The tree of life encompasses
Both evil and harmony.

Tortillas made of corn
warm and sweet
Black bean mash
And flavored stewed meat

Rice served with beans
Fried plantains and fry jacks
Colorful tables with conversation
And huts with hammocks

Howler monkeys
That swing high over Xunitunich (shoe-na-tunich)
Created to worship
In temples so rich

Some created in
Pre classic peace
Deep in the jungle
In San Ignacio Belize

belize resorts cahal pech village

cahal pech maya ruins

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