Whether Your Retirement Style is Laid-Back or Action-Packed, San Ignacio Beckons You!

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Your neighbor can’t wait until the snow starts to fall. Your idea of bliss is sunshine--all day and every day. Such preferences drive retirement plans more often than you imagine, and if you’re already convinced that everything you need to thrive as a senior is found in Belize, wait until you hear about your options.

Ambergris Caye is the acknowledged hot spot for folks who aren’t happy unless their social and activity calendars are filled to capacity. The Placencia peninsula is fast-becoming an Ambergris Caye wannabe. But for folks who have done their homework and strive to avoid the hustle and bustle of these areas, word is out that San Ignacio Town in the Cayo District is THE place to settle down.

Retirees eager for small town living with conveniences are flocking to San Ignacio. Everyone speaks English. Real estate is affordable. Proximity to natural wonders is so expansive, retirees can pick different activities every day—swimming, bird watching, hiking, cave tubing, and cultural exploration—and never run out of things to do. Residents roam outside San Ignacio where steep hills are lavished with stately trees that cover the land. They stay in town and do their thing with the fast-growing ex-pat community.

According to “U.S. News and World Report,’ San Ignacio, “the heart of this country's rainforest interior,” is a unique example of unspoiled beauty, tranquility, spectacular mountains, rivers, waterfalls and Maya ruins. Yet it’s also starting to blossom. The laid-back pace that was once the hallmark of Cayo now offers more. Retirees have access to upscale stores, restaurants, spas, yoga studios, elegant resorts, and quaint markets.

Choose San Ignacio as your retirement home and you’ll be able to afford extras on a modest income, say editors at “International Living.” A couple can live comfortably in San Ignacio on about $1600 a month. And because the area is growing at a reasonable rate, amenities are continuing to expand. What do retirees love most about moving to San Ignacio? Owning lovely homes that come with real estate tax bills averaging $100 annually.

Where to stay when you come to Belize to see if this emerging retirement hub is your cup of tea? Cahal Pech Village Resort where breathtaking views from guest accommodations beneath romantic thatched roofs, three swimming pools, a divine restaurant, and bar plus staff committed to making you feel at home await your visit.

It’s the perfect place to stay if you intend to go home shopping and sightsee and resort staff is happy to make all of your arrangements. Ready to retire? Don’t make a decision until you see San Ignacio for yourself.

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