Kayak.com: The Best Time To Get Airfare Deals to Belize is in October

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If you’re a long-range planner because you know that giving yourself plenty of time to consider all possibilities is the key to living economically, it’s not too early to think about an October vacation--especially if you’re curious to see what all the Belize buzz is about.

October visits to Belize are surprisingly affordable and laid back. Winter vacationers have yet to arrive, weather is warm and when you discover that October is the cheapest month to fly to Belize, you may not need more convincing. We asked the folks at Kayak to verify this and were told that Lonely Planet editors asking about October Belize travel were informed that fares bottom out that month. That got our attention. It should get yours, too.

October in Belize

Just because travel sites stick the month of October in the “Belize rainy season” category, that doesn’t mean you should pack 6 raincoats and an equal number of umbrellas! Says a tourist-turned-resident who fell in love with Belize in October and moved there five years ago, “It doesn't rain every day, nor does it rain all day.” He has no intention of leaving Belize, so take his word for it!

Can you imagine how much better your trip to Belize will be if you snag an affordable round-trip plane ticket to Belize in October when rock-bottom prices are offered by carriers? If there’s a classic quick shower, use those savings to shop for treasures in downtown San Ignacio, eat your way down Burns Avenue and visit the Green Iguana Conservation project if the idea of feeding and touching little reptiles sounds intriguing.

Put on your tourist hat

When the rain stops, adventure awaits at a plethora of Maya ruins that will capture your imagination. Chief among them is Cahal Pech, translated as Place of the Tick. Those ticks have gone the way of the Mayans who once lived here. Between the ruins, graves and structures that date back to between 650 and 900 plus a tour of the onsite museum, this is a great place to launch a larger tour of local Mayan communities.

Since you save a bundle traveling to Belize during the month of October, use some of those savings to stay in a thatched cabana at Cahal Pech Resort where deals and packages complement airfares. Vacations start at just $95 per night, and when you see how many perks you get for booking a package, you could find yourself doing a happy dance.

Don’t worry about the reaction of your Cahal Pech hosts if you break into a dance. They see guests doing happy dances all the time--especially during the month of October!

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