San Ignacio, Belize: The Best Place to Spend New Year’s Eve

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While there is little need to have a celebration in a place like Belize, celebrating New Year's Eve is certainly a noteworthy and exciting occasion. Belize is a country that is very much a melting pot, letting each of its many cultures contribute to festivities that make them uniquely Belizean.

Family and Food

When it comes to family activities during New Year's Eve, most count down the new year while feasting together. Since New Year's is part of the year-end holiday week, there is plenty of delicious food and leftovers to choose from; turkey and ham dinners and rice and beans with stew chicken are popular dishes. Rice and Beans with stew chicken is extremely common and you do not have to look hard to find massive pots of this rice-and-bean dish nor smell it in the air.

Regardless of where you are in Belize, New Year's Eve is the perfect time to unwind with a nice drink, meet new people and maybe even spark some romance. If you prefer to spend your New Year's Eve away from crowds, it is easy to arrange a romantic evening under the stars. In fact, it is such an easily accomplished and common idea that most of the resorts in Belize can provide such an experience.


New Year's Day is commonly seen as a chill-out day; some people hang out with friends and family while other go to horse races. Krem's New Year's Day Cycling Classic is a race that begins in Corozal and stops in Belize City.


Belize has several New Year's traditions.

  1. Many Belizeans believe that wearing red underwear helps you find love.
  2. Sweeping minutes before midnight will usher out bad luck in a home.
  3. Having cash in your pockets at midnight ensures a prosperous year.
  4. Eating 12 grapes, often within a fluted glass filled with champagne, is a common activity at midnight. Each grape signifies a month of the year and a wish to be fulfilled.
  5. Packing a suitcase sends out positive vibes of being able to travel into the next year.

San Ignacio Belize: Best Place to Retire in Latin America

San Ignacio Town in western Belize makes for a great base of operations for any trip to Belize as it is relatively close to anywhere you might want to check out. When you look for a place to stay in San Ignacio, either for New Year's or January of 2022, do please consider Cahal Pech Village Resort.

Questions? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your New Year's Belize vacation and tours!

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