10 Reasons to Get Your Fine Self to Belize This September

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Why September? Because the entire nation—and enthusiastic travelers who always visit Belize this month—break into a collective happy dance to pay tribute to the nation’s independence. The official date of this big anniversary is September 21st, but when citizens fight as hard as did Belizeans to get rid of the name British Honduras once and for all, this calls for 30 days of revelry! Need a reason to join the party? How about 10?

1. You happen to look great dressed in red, white and blue, the colors of the Belize flag. Arrived dressed for the celebration. Fancy duds? Only if you insist. Show your independence by wearing whatever you please.

2. Belize Resorts like Cahal Pech pull out all stops to give tourists an unforgettable Belize vacation experience, reason enough to come down. Take advantage of Mayan ruins, cave tubing, bird watching and horseback riding, for starters. In addition, Cahal Pech Resort offers special package rates in September that meet all budgets.

3. Who doesn’t love a great parade? If you visit Belize this September, you’ll witness lots of them, scheduled throughout mainland Belize and islands off the coast, each of which has a unique identity, flavor and vibe.

4. See the best, brightest and most bustling side of Belize commerce at the nation’s annual Expo Belize Market Place. Around 15,000 visitors flock here each September to check out goods and products representing Belize's past and future.

5. See a Carnival. Never been to Rio, New Orleans or nations known for their colorful, enthusiastic carnivals? Then you must see Belize’s version—especially if you can’t recall the last time you experienced unabashed joy!

6. The Belize music scene is a cool reason to visit in September since the music scene is hot, experimental and diverse. Expect to hear mash-ups of Kriol, Mestizo, Garifuna, Maya and edgy electronic house, dubstep, techno, trance and other contemporary music genres. After all, your Cahal Pech digs are close to San Ignacio hot spots!

7. Exploring San Ignacio Town is a great reason to stay at Cahal Pech because the resort is literally a stone’s throw from markets, shops and entertainment that guarantee you’ll never get bored during your September visit.

8. September in Belize is the best-kept secret in the Caribbean because summer visitors are gone and winter birds have yet to fly south. What does that mean for you? Lots of deals and room to spread out and enjoy it all.

9. Visiting in September offers you the chance to make a chocolate pilgrimage thanks to Belize's cacao bean crop and chocolate-related businesses. Eat it. Drink it. Why not get covered in it at the annual paint & chocolate festival in Belize City on Carnival day?

10. You can afford it! Reason enough to attend Belize’s month-long independence celebration. In keeping with this national holiday, airfares and lodgings are “historically the lowest of the year.” September is coming. Can you think of one reason not to come? Thought not. Start packing now!

Questions about traveling to Belize in September? Contact us today at info(@)cahalpech.com. We will love to help you plan your Belize vacation in September.





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