What to Do & Where to Go: Belize in December

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What to do and where to go in Belize in December

It can sometimes feel like sunny paradise is worlds away, and that's especially true if you associate December with thick winter coats and piles of snow. But there's a special magic to Belize — the small Central American country where pleasantly tropical weather is the expectation all year long. The perfect weather is a great selling point, but here's what you should know when booking a trip to Belize in the winter.

How to Get There

Airlines that fly to Belize

Belize is only a few hours away from the United States, and direct flights are available from a number of major U.S. cities. December is peak tourism season, and that means that there are more flights available than any other time of the year. United, Delta, Southwest, Air Canada, West Jet, and Alaska Air all provide access to Belize from North America. Once there, the Belize City Airport offers direct flights to some of the country's smaller airports as well as taxi or shuttle services to practically anywhere you'd want to go.

Where to Be

Cayo District is best place to visit in Belize

Tourist seasons ensures that getting into and around Belize is easy, but it also makes it easy to get stuck in crowded and cheesy tourist districts. The small town of San Ignacio — considered the gateway into the Cayo District — is arguably the country's best hidden secret. It's popular enough to offer all the tours and amenities you need but not so crowded that you'll find yourself getting lost in throngs of tourists.

What to Do

What to do in Belize

The Cayo District is like an ecological amusement park. Lush forests ascend into towering mountains, and fresh rivers plummet down waterfalls and wind their way through ancient caves. Lost among it all are some surprisingly intact — and impressively built — ruins dating all the way back to the Maya Empire. And while San Ignacio Town is a little further inland, getting to the coast — and out to the Belize Barrier Reef — is never too much of a trial.

Where to Stay

Where to stay in Belize

Cahal Pech Village Resort is built on the principle of making all visitors feel at home whether they're families, honeymooners, or backpackers. The resort sits right next door to the remains of a Maya city, and we’re perfectly within reach of both civilization and the unspoiled wilderness. The staff at Cahal Pech Village Resort can make sure you get the rest you need to explore the wilds and then provide you with the pampering you deserve upon your return.

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