Where To Go in Belize? 14 Points of Interest You Need to Know

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Belize Points of Interest

Belize is increasingly becoming a popular vacation destination. Before you arrive, it's good to know a few important things like where to go, where the top attractions are located, and how to get there.

Below are 14 points of interest we recommend you should know before you visit Belize:


San Ignacio Town - The second-largest town in the country and the de facto cultural and entertainment capital of Belize's western Cayo District, San Ignacio is popular as a jumping off point to some of the most prominent ancient Mayan Ruins in the country. The town's market is a popular destination thanks to its abundance of local color, foods, and homemade goods.

placencia belize

Placencia Peninsula - A 16-mile stretch of beautiful beaches and outstanding fishing opportunities in the southeastern corner of Stann Creek District, the Placencia Peninsula is one of the more popular vacation destinations in the country.

ambergris caye belize

Ambergris Caye - The largest island in the country, Ambergris Caye is a popular tourist destination thanks to its abundant seafood restaurants, close access to the Belize Barrier Reef, and the easygoing atmosphere of its capital, San Pedro.

caye caulker belize

Caye Caulker - This small island located midway in the Belize Barrier Reef is popular due to its airstrip, beautiful beaches, and close access to some of the best fishing, snorkeling and diving spots on the reef.

Belize Maya Ruins- Once the heartland of a vast empire that stretched from Mexico down to El Salvador, Belize is now home to more ancient Maya ruins than anywhere else in the world. Large sites like Caracol and Xunantunich in the southeast once vied for control of the region with Tikal just across the border in Guatemala. Perhaps the most iconic ancient Maya site in Belize is Altun Ha as its largest temple is used as the logo for Belikin Beer, the largest brewery in the country.


Belize City - Formerly the capital and still the largest city in the country, Belize City is usually the first port of call for international visitors. In the city itself, don't miss the museums, monuments and art galleries documenting the nation's rich history.

belize barrier reef

Belize Barrier Reef - The second-largest barrier reef in the world, the Belize Barrier Reef extends for hundreds of miles and encompasses islands, atolls, and spits featuring some of the best diving, fishing, sailing, and snorkeling opportunities found anywhere on earth.

Corozal District - Nestled between the sparkling waters of the Chetumal Bay across from the popular tourist island of Ambergris Caye and the Mexican border, Corozal District is perhaps best known for its large expat population. Corozal Town, the district capital, was built atop the ancient Maya ruins of Santa Rita, some parts of which is still visible.

Orange Walk District - Located in northwest Belize, Orange Walk District gained its unique name from the large citrus fruit plantations established there by Mestizo immigrants that arrived in the country following the 1840 Caste War in Mexico. Today, Orange Walk is still primarily an agricultural region where sugar cane is the primary crop. Indeed, Orange Walk Town, the district capital, is often known as "Sugar City" because of this. The pristine wetlands and forests of Orange Walk are home to some of the greatest concentrations of bird life found anywhere in the country.

punta gorda belize

Punta Gorda - The capital of the southern Toledo District, Punta Gorda is known for being the chocolate heartland of the country.

Shark Ray Alley - Located just offshore from the popular tourist island of Ambergris Caye, Shark Ray Alley is natural cut in the Belize Barrier Reef that is used by many marine animals to transit between the inner and outer part of the reef. The large volume of fish and other prey draw large schools of sharks and rays to the area, the most abundant of which are nurse sharks, making it a popular location for snorkeling and scuba diving. Shark Ray Alley is located inside the Hol Chan Marine reserve, a protected natural area.

dangriga belize

Dangriga - The bustling capital of Stann Creek District, Dangriga is a great place to learn more about Belize's history as a logging and farming colony.

hopkins belize

Hopkins - A small village in Stann Creek District, Hopkins is considered by many to be the epicenter of the Garifuna culture in the country.

belmopan belize

Belmopan - The new capital, Belmopan is the third-largest settlement in Belize and is a thriving city with banks, embassies and consulates, several supermarkets, good night life, hotels, and well-laid out streets, avenues and paved roads.

Located just outside San Ignacio Town is the resort of Cahal Pech. Offering modern accommodations in an integrated jungle setting, the resort of Cahal Pech is an ideal base for exploring the western part of the country. The experienced staff can help arrange for travel to all of the best sites in Belize.

Questions about any of these points of interest? Send us an email or call 239- 494- 3281. We will love to help you plan your Belize vacation.

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