Mennonites in Belize

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Belize is known for its stunning beaches and coral reefs as well as for its vibrant culture, jungles, wildlife and more. While these are all popular features of Belize that draw tourists to the area, the country is also home to many different cultures such as the Mennonites.

The Mennonites initially began relocating to the area in the 1950s to enjoy religious freedom and to live more harmoniously with nature. They live with sustainability and pacifism in mind and are known for having a tightknit and compassionate community.

When you visit Belize, you may be able to differentiate Mennonite groups from their unique apparel choices as they are easily identified by their clothing, except the ones who have modernized to a large degree or have never been traditional, because they have converted in recent times.

The women tend to wear bonnets and long dresses while the men wear denim overalls and hats.

Some of the Mennonites that live in Belize particularly in Upper Barton Creek generally reject the idea of technology and machinery, such as cars that are used for individual transportation. They do, however, use tractors and motorized farm equipment because they serve an important communal purpose. They also prefer to travel via horses and carts because it keeps the community closer together. Smartphones and other forms of technology are occasionally used, such as by adults for business purposes, but this type of usage is limited.

If you plan to visit Belize soon, visiting a Mennonite community can provide you with a fascinating look at this unique ethnic group. Cahal Pech Village Resort is a leading resort in San Ignacio that provides you with a convenient starting point to explore Mennonite communities, such as Upper Barton Creek and Spanish Lookout. Tours can even be arranged through the resort so that you can conveniently explore these communities as desired.

Cahal Pech offers much more for you to enjoy on your Belize vacation. Standard rooms, as well as private cabanas with hardwood flooring and thatched roofs, are available. In addition to offering comfortable and well-decorated accommodations, an on-site restaurant and massage services are available.

The outdoor pool overlooks the scenic Belize River Valley and the resort is an ideal location to explore Mayan ruins and other popular attractions nearby.

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