Is San Ignacio Belize Safe?

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Is San Ignacio Belize Safe

This district is so safe, backpacking and hitchhiking tourists keep coming back!

Pick up a newspaper these days and it’s hard to miss stories of murder, mayhem and violence. No wonder you’re worried about your vacation destination! After all, the purpose of getting away is all about relaxing and you won’t be able to do that if you’re constantly on the lookout for danger.

Where to get the best advice on this topic? From savvy travelers of course – many of them folks who love Belize and feel safe enough to backpack around San Ignacio where a little common sense offers visitors a lot of fun and pleasure. They know that being smart and keeping their wits about them is the key to a safe visit.

Their advice? Listen to your gut if you think something’s not right. Don’t show off expensive belongings to attract attention and if you go out at night, bring your posse! Feeling reassured? You should. San Ignacio is one of the safest places to sojourn in Belize and if you choose the right Belize resort, you’ll be even safer.

Why does San Ignacio deserve your attention?

San Ignacio Belize Safety

Because it’s got everything a traveler craves: proximity to nearby Maya ruins and every type of water sport in addition to the Saturday San Ignacio Market where farmers and vendors lure shoppers with local produce, crafts, clothing and souvenirs. Hang out on Burns Avenue for a colorful sampling of shops, bars, restaurants and boutiques and indulge in one of the district’s favorite sports: Backpacker watching!

Having accommodations in close proximity is the key to a relaxing stay and no property surpasses Cahal Pech Village Resort in terms of amenities and comfort. This lovely property is perched on a bluff overlooking the town, offering birds-eye views of the landscape below. Guests reside within romantic thatched-roof cabanas and those eager to save money choose from Belize vacation packages, each designed to appeal to travelers with different vacation goals.

Your itinerary? Fill it up with surprises!

Travel to San Ignacio Belize This Year

Having browsed Cahal Pech Resort’s package menu, you may feel overwhelmed. It happens. San Ignacio is an epicenter of excitement, as evidenced by what many travel writers consider San Ignacio’s top experiences. At the top of the list is the Maya ruin that is literally adjacent to the resort. As the oldest example of Mayan architecture in the region, time spent at Cahal Pech ruins gives resort guests opportunities to learn about the once-vibrant community occupying this land as early as 1500 BC. A guide can help you understand more about this magnificent place.

If wandering over to “the neighbors” to learn more about the indigenous people of San Ignacio whets your appetite for more, resort hosts are happy to oblige. Consider the Cahal Pech Belize tour menu that gives guests so many options, you'll make a memory every minute and wonder why you worried so much about feeling safe. Sound like the kind of vacation you've been seeking?

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