Is Belize Expensive?

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is belize expensive

Belize is a tropical getaway that lures thousands of travelers from across the globe every year. This has become such a phenomenon that some has questioned the expense of traveling to Belize. Fortunately, Belize is an affordable vacation spot and its prices are quite manageable for most travelers.

If you are curious about the ways you can save some cash on a Belizean vacation, just look over this list of tips.

  • Avoid Direct Flights. While you could take a direct flight, flying to Cancun, Mexico then, followed by riding the ADO bus costs half as much and exposes you to twice the countries. If a direct flight is a must, flexibility in your dates can pay off with a 10%-40% discount for traveling off-season.
  • Pool Your Expenses. Many of the popular spots involve guided tours. The cost a tour can shaved down if you find have other interested parties willing to pay their share. Look for guides offering vans or taxi vans and negotiate on-site instead of during a prearrangement.
  • Use Public Transportation. Gas is pricey in Belize, but a public bus will cost you just $4 USD for 50 miles of coverage. Be mindful of safety and stick to using buses in daylight. Focus on non-stop or direct routes. Every mainland town has a bus station and routes begin at 5 a.m. on workdays.
  • Stick to Local Food. While food can be pricey in Belize, many Belizean owned restaurants like The Ixtabai at Cahal Pech Village Resort have very reasonable prices on local food. Make sure to try the Rice and Beans, a popular dish in Belize.
  • Do Not Cut Costs on Water. Hydration is vital. Buy bottled water at a supermarket or a grocery store.
  • Drink Like a Belizean! Rum is a cheap drink in Belize. A local "elephant foot" bottle will only run you around $14 USD and be sufficient to satisfy a party of five.

When looking for a place to stay in Belize, consider Cahal Pech Village Resort. Located in San Ignacio Town, Belize's ecotourism capital is a frugal resort to use as a vacation base camp. Cahal Pech happens to be relatively close to many of Belize's notable attractions like the following.

  • The ruins of the ancient Maya, including Guatemala's Tikal.
  • Sacred caves.
  • Jungle rivers.
  • Waterfalls.
  • San Ignacio's Market.
  • The Macal River

If you are looking for an affordable resort on your trip, consider contacting Cahal Pech Village Resort for discounts and travel deals at

If you have questions about traveling to Belize or need help in booking a trip, please email our Reservations Manager at info(@)

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