Belize welcomes international travelers starting August 15th, 2020

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The Best Country to Travel to in 2020

The last few months have been tough, with the global pandemic striking communities and forcing lockdowns. Many people have had to cancel vacations, including honeymoons. While this has been difficult for those who love to travel, it’s been necessary. To ensure the safety of its citizens as well as visitors, Belize joined other premier travel destinations in staying closed to tourists. Starting in August, however, the country plans to welcome travelers.

On August 15th, the Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) will be open to visitors. Yet, safety measures will be required. The goal is to protect both citizens and travelers. If you’d like to come to beautiful Belize, please make sure to follow a few rules.

Before entering Belize, make sure you have taken and passed a Covid-19 within 72 hours of your arrival into the country. While traveling, wear your face mask. Make sure to wash your hands often, and, if you are unable to do so, use hand-sanitizer. Maintain social distance.

Thankfully most airlines and international airports are following stringent safety procedures but individuals should remain vigilant.

When you arrive in Belize, your shoes will be sanitized and your temperature checked. If you’ve already taken and passed a Covid-19 test, you may proceed into the country, though you will be asked to check in with the Belize Health App daily. If you did not pass a Covid-19 test within 72 hours prior to entering the country, you will be tested. If necessary, you may be quarantined.

Be assured that the government of Belize and local businesses are doing everything possible to keep you safe. All hotels, eating and drinking establishments and tour guides will follow rigorous safety procedures. Tours will be conducted with fewer people, thus allowing for social distancing while also providing a more intimate experience.

To learn more about the safety measures being taken, please read this advisory before you visit.

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